• Concern: A complicated school finance system that is neither adequate nor equitable, and results in districts like PISD offering fewer opportunities for students than surrounding districts
    Desired Remedy:
    • An easily understood and equitable funding system based on student need, not an arbitrary per-student allotment
    • If funding is restored this session, it should be formula driven and based on student need.
    PISD’s Story: PISD is consistently rated one of the most efficient school districts in the state. In the recent Financial Allocation Study for Texas (FAST) report, PISD earned a 4-star rating from the state. Out of 17 districts in the state with student enrollment between 20,000 and 30,000, only five had a FAST rating higher than PISD. Of these five districts, only one had lower per-pupil spending and a higher percentage of economically disadvantaged students. PISD displayed academic progress in the top 70th percentile of Texas school districts, while the district’s spending remained low compared to its fiscal peers. Pflugerville is the second-lowest funded district in Central Texas. If it had the per-student funding of neighboring districts, it would receive between $12 million to $20 million more in funding each year.