• About the Budget & Compensation Committee

    The Budget and Compensation Committee (BCC) is charged with the following roles and responsibilities:

    • Serve in an advisory capacity to the district leadership team
    • Engage in productive dialogue
    • Remain objective and maintain a district level perspective
    • Explore possibilities
    • Communicate BCC work and outcomes to colleagues
    • Collaborate with campus principal to communicate effectively with the campus
    • Gather input from colleagues 


    Budget & Compensation Committee Meeting

    Meetings take place online via Zoom from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

    • March 22
    • April 13
    • May 9


    PfISD 2021-22 Budget & Compensation Committee members



    Jennifer Land, Chief Financial Officer

    Jeff Leth, Budget Coordinator


    Connally High School

    Richard Horn

    Hendrickson High School

    Summer Selvera

    Pflugerville High School

    Zack Kleypas

    Weiss High School

    Monique Rubin

    Bohls Middle School

    Jorge Franco

    Cele Middle School

    Kara Mendoza

    Dessau Middle School

    Melissa Torres

    Kelly Lane Middle School

    Noel Esquivel

    Park Crest Middle School

    Jill Larson

    Pflugerville Middle School

    Philip Clayton

    Westview Middle School

    Stephanie Lattorre

    Barron Elementary 

    Guadalupe Wilkinson

    Brookhollow Elementary

    Belinda Goyeneche

    Caldwell Elementary

    Patricia Johnson

    Carpenter Elementary

    Resse Weirich

    Copperfield Elementary

    Travis Schwartz

    Dearing Elementary

    Andre Underwood

    Delco Elementary

    Dora Molina

    Dessau Elementary

    Teyan Allen

    Highland Park Elementary

    Melissa Maurer

    Mott Elementary

    Tammy Rebecek

    Murchison Elementary

    Carrie Quinnie

    Northwest Elementary

    Greg Thielke

    Parmer Lane Elementary

    Irma Ewing

    Pflugerville Elementary

    Margaret Triebes

    Riojas Elementary

    Lisa Kammerer

    River Oaks Elementary

    Jennifer Perez

    Rowe Lane Elementary

    Hillary Waggoner

    Spring Hill Elementary

    Melinda Mauer

    Timmerman Elementary

    Greg Nestle

    Wieland Elementary

    Rachael McMahan

    Windermere Elementary

    Delicia Choyce



    Mike Harvey

    C & I

    Holly Galloway

    C & I Multilingual

    Jose Mojica


    Deborah Reader


    Traci Hendrix

    Postsecondary Readiness

    Shirley Bachus

    Community Relations

    David Wiechmann

    Fine Arts

    Manny Gomez


    Carla Gonzalez

    Health & Safety

    Sharee Byrd


    Willie Watson

    Support Services

    Carolyn Sill

    Support Services

    Anita Bazan


    Tylene Cunning


    Michael Brassfield


    Carla Gonzalez


    Mayra Kyler


    Troy Galow


    Willie Watson