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    Teaching is not rocket science. It is, in fact, far more complex and demanding work than rocket science.
    -- Richard F. Elmore, the Gregory Anrig professor of educational leadership at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

    Welcome to the Curriculum Documents Homepage. A curriculum framework is an organized plan or set of standards or learning outcomes that defines the content to be learned in terms of clear, definable standards of what the student should know and be able to do.

    Mike Schmoker, in his recent book Focus (ASCD, 2011) notes the three most important contributors to student academic achievement are:
    • A coherent curriculum (what we teach)
    • Sound lessons (how we teach)
    • Purposeful reading and writing in every discipline.
    The PfISD Curriculum framework provides an aligned curriculum and meets the first requirement.

    Teachers, parents, students and community members can access the documents that form the foundation of what teachers will teach and students will learn throughout PfISD. These documents are part of an ongoing process designed to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum for all students. Teachers who prefer to work from print documents are asked to print no more than six weeks ahead as the curriculum resources are continually refined.