• Professional Learning 

    Pflugerville Independent School District believes that comprehensive, on-going professional learning is central to school success dice improvement and student success. Professional Learning in PfISD promotes continuous professional growth in a supportive environment by enhancing the knowledge and skills of all staff, with the expectation that doing so will also raise the levels of student performance. High quality professional learning in PfISD will be research-based, data driven, provide follow-up, be flexible to meet learners’ needs and be continuously evaluated for its effectiveness.

    Through Professional Learning, educators will build capacity to:

    • Create positive learning environments that meet state and local requirements and foster positive relationships
    • Enhance content competencies
    • Facilitate instruction using research validated pedagogy
    • Be problem-solvers and leaders who are both reflective and collaborative.

    Professional Learning norms:

    • Be on time
    • Be actively engaged from beginning to end
    • Exhibit professional behavior
    • Remain focused on student success 

     Department Contact Information
    Korey Sykes
    Continuing Professional Education Specialist