• Professional Learning in PfISD

    Pflugerville Independent School District believes that comprehensive, on-going professional learning is central to school improvement and student success. Professional Learning in PfISD promotes continuous professional growth in a supportive environment by enhancing the knowledge and skills of all staff, with the expectation that doing so will also raise the levels of student performance. High quality professional learning in PfISD will be research-based, data driven, provide follow-up, be flexible to meet learners’ needs and be continuously evaluated for its effectiveness.

    Please direct any questions regarding professional development to pd@pfisd.net.


    Compliance Courses 2023-2024

    Coming Soon: Summer 2023!

    The Audience/PD Playlist column indicates who must complete each course. Compliance Courses live in the Professional Learning Platform (formerly TrueNorth) under the PD Playlist section of the Courses tab in the Professional Learning Platform.


    Instructions for Accessing the Professional Learning Platform:

    1. Log into the Professional Learning Platform using your PfISD email address (Google Sign-Sign-On function);

    2. Select the Courses tab from the top menu;

    3. Under the My Courses section, look for My PD Playlists and either click the button to expand the selection or click on View All


    Please direct any additional questions regarding Compliance Courses to pd@pfisd.net



    2023-2024 Professional Learning and Planning/Prep Dates




    August 3

     NTO - Campus Orientation for New Hires to PfISD

    August 4

     NTO - District Orientation for New Hires to PfISD

    August 7

     Campus Professional Learning 

    (First Day Back for Teachers and Educational Aides)

    August 8

     Campus Professional Learning   

    August 9

     District Professional Learning Conference

    August 10

     Planning & Prep  

    August 11

     Planning & Prep  

    August 14

     Planning & Prep

    August 15

     First Day of School

    September 5

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep

    October 5

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep  

    October 6

     Staff Development/Conferences

    November 3

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep  

    January 8

     Planning & Prep

    February 16*

     Planning & Prep (*Bad Weather Make-Up Day)

    February 19

     Planning & Prep  

    May 30

     Planning & Prep