• Professional Learning 

    Pflugerville Independent School District believes that comprehensive, on-going professional learning is central to school improvement and student success. Professional Learning in PfISD promotes continuous professional growth in a supportive environment by enhancing the knowledge and skills of all staff, with the expectation that doing so will also raise the levels of student performance. High quality professional learning in PfISD will be research-based, data driven, provide follow-up, be flexible to meet learners’ needs and be continuously evaluated for its effectiveness.


    Professional Learning 2021-2022

    Let the Learning Commence: District Professional Learning for the 2021-2022 school year includes optional summer opportunities and district provided learning on August 9 and January 3. Additionally, there will be learning opportunities throughout the school year and on planning and preparation days. Learning will be synchronous and asynchronous. All learning information is located in the 2021-22 Professional Learning Catalog. The catalog has multiple worksheets and the information for Summer 21 and August 9 is ready for participants to register and start learning. The remaining worksheets are still under construction. All professional learning information for the 2021-2022 school year will be kept and maintained in the 2021-22 Professional Learning Catalog.

    Summer Opportunities

    All course information for Summer Professional Learning Opportunities is available in 2021-22 Professional Learning Catalog (See Summer 21 worksheet tab) or on the Professional Learning Webpage. We encourage you to take advantage of these learning opportunities.

    August 9, 2021

    Instructional positions will complete (from their worksite) a minimum of 3 hours of district professional learning. All course information for August 9, 2020 is available in 2021-22 Professional Learning Catalog (See August 9 worksheet tab) or on the Professional Learning Webpage. All courses are active in the professional learning management system and participants can register now until August 8. Asynchronous learning can be completed prior to August 9. Since there will be many asynchronous offerings it is possible to participate in more than 3 hours of professional learning. Some learning groups will have required learning, this is indicated in the catalog, if the course is marked required the target audience is required to participate.

    Compliance Training

    PfISD Compliance is available for the 2021-2022 School year. A complete list of required training can be found in the 2021-22 Professional Learning Catalog sheet on the “Compliance” worksheet tab. The majority of the statute required compliance training is provided in the Professional Learning Platform as asynchronous self-paced courses. The courses have been grouped into Playlists to facilitate completion. Instructions to complete assigned Playlists can be found here. Depending on your assignment you may be assigned to complete more than one Playlist. All compliance courses need to be complete by September 3, 2021.

          2021-2022 Professional Learning and Planning Dates




    August 2

    Teacher Induction Academy

    August 3

    NTO - Campus

    August 4

    NTO - District

    August 5

    Planning & Prep

    August 6

    Professional Learning - Campus

    August 9

    District - Morning

    Campus - Afternoon

    August 10

    Planning & Prep

    August 11

    Planning & Prep

    August 12

    First Day of School

    October 8


    January 3

    Campus - Morning

    District- Afternoon

    January 4

    Planning & Prep

    March 11

    Planning & Prep

    April 18

    Planning & Prep

    May 27

    Planning & Prep