• Professional Learning in PfISD

    Pflugerville Independent School District believes that comprehensive, on-going professional learning is central to school improvement and student success. Professional Learning in PfISD promotes continuous professional growth in a supportive environment by enhancing the knowledge and skills of all staff, with the expectation that doing so will also raise the levels of student performance. High quality professional learning in PfISD will be research-based, data driven, provide follow-up, be flexible to meet learners’ needs and be continuously evaluated for its effectiveness.

    Please direct any questions regarding professional development to pd@pfisd.net.


    Compliance Courses 2023-2024

    PfISD Staff will receive an automated email notification from the Vector Training: SafeSchools system with the required (Mandatory) Compliance Courses assigned to them this year, based on position. 
    Pflugerville ISD is using Vector Training, K-12 Edition to offer training courses online for your convenience. Follow these easy steps to complete your Pflugerville ISD safety training requirements:

    Using your web browser, go to the Vector Training, K-12 Edition website for Pflugerville ISD: https://pflugervilleisd-tx.safeschools.com/

    Enter your Username: Employee ID Number (E######)
    *Please note our district is in the process of transitioning to ClassLink so you may get the ClassLink sign in page instead. Please log in with your e# and password to proceed.
    When staff log into the SafeSchools website, users will see all assigned Compliance Courses on their My Assignments homepage. 
    The user's My Assignments homepage may look like this:
    This year, users will have a one-time opportunity to Test Out of each assigned SafeSchools Course with a passing score of 70% or higher. Staff who do not pass the test-out option must complete the full course to earn a certificate of completion for this year. It is recommended that staff save a digital copy of any certificates of completion in their personal records.
    *Staff who successfully test-out will not receive a certificate of completion, but the system will report that the user has successfully completed the course requirements for this year.
    The deadline to complete all assigned SY 23-24 Compliance Courses is Friday, September 29, 2023.
    *Staff hired after this date should complete all assigned Compliance Courses within 15 business days of employment.
    Please direct any additional questions regarding Compliance Courses to pd@pfisd.net



    2023-2024 Professional Learning and Planning/Prep Dates




    August 3

     NTO - Campus Orientation for New Hires to PfISD

    August 4

     NTO - District Orientation for New Hires to PfISD

    August 7

     Campus Professional Learning 

    (First Day Back for Teachers and Educational Aides)

    August 8

     Campus Professional Learning   

    August 9

     District Professional Learning Conference

    August 10

     Planning & Prep  

    August 11

     Planning & Prep  

    August 14

     Planning & Prep

    August 15

     First Day of School

    September 5

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep

    October 5

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep  

    October 6

     Staff Development/Conferences

    November 3

     District Professional Learning/Planning & Prep  

    January 8

     Planning & Prep

    February 16*

     Planning & Prep (*Bad Weather Make-Up Day)

    February 19

     Planning & Prep  

    May 30

     Planning & Prep