Information Requests

  • Pflugerville ISD belongs to you - the taxpayers, parents, students, teachers, staff, and the community. Transparency and accountability are important ingredients in the success of our district. If you need help with information or want to learn more about your school district, we're always glad to help.

    There are multiple kinds of information requests within the education system: Public Information Requests, Student Records Requests, and Student Transcripts. Below, you will find information on each kind of request and the process to submit those requests. By following the correct type of request, PfISD will be able to process your request more efficiently. 

Student Information/Records

  • Student Information/Records Requests

    If you are a parent or guardian requesting any information or records on your student, please submit a Student Records Request Form. This includes requests for access to video clips from campus surveillance videos. All Student Record requests should utilize the following form: Student Records Request Form (PDF) and email the form to

    Requests for Police Records

    To request a copy of a PfISD police report, you must utilize the Public Information Request form. Please note that information related to a case still under investigation, pending court, or not involving your student cannot be released to you. Also, there are some cases that may not be eligible for release.

Transcript Requests

  • Requests for high school transcripts are handled by the campus the student attended. Transcripts are private and are protected from the public under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
    Current Students 

    To request a transcript, use the link for your current campus included below and follow the process outlined by the campus. 

    • John B. Connally High School: please click here for transcript order details.
    • Hendrickson High School: please click HERE for transcript order details.
    • Pflugerville High School: please click HERE for transcript order details.
    • Weiss High School: please click HERE for transcript order details.
    Former Students
    Former high school students must request their high school transcript from the last campus they attended. Please contact the registrar for these schools:
    • Connally High School: 512-594-0837/512-594-0834
    • Hendrickson High School: 512-594-1137
    • Pflugerville High School: 512-594-0534
    • Weiss High School: 512-594-1437
    • PACE: 512-594-1900 

Public Information

  • Pflugerville ISD Public Information Requests

    Requests for public information (open records) are handled in accordance with the Texas Public Information Act (PIA), Texas Government Code 552.001. The PIA gives the public the right to request access to government information. The request must ask for information already in existence. The PIA does not require the district to create new information, perform legal searches, or answer general questions. 


    All public information requests should be submitted by clicking the following link: Pflugerville ISD Public Information Requests. 

    This procedure allows the district to accurately document the date each request is received and respond to the requestor promptly. If the request cannot be produced within ten business days, staff will notify the requestor in writing (including electronically) of the reasonable date and time when it will be available. The request must ask for records or information already in existence.

    Any person requesting public information has the responsibility to:
    1. Submit the request through the Online Portal
    2. Include enough description and detail of the information to allow the District to accurately identify and locate the items requested.
    3. Clarify the type or amount of information requested if needed.

    The District shall release requested information that is not confidential by law. For items the District chooses to withhold, a ruling will be requested from the Office of the Attorney General if applicable. The requestor will be sent a copy of that communication. If the information requested falls under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), federal law supersedes state law, and information may be withheld without requiring an AG opinion if deemed that it violates student privacy information.
    Although the District requests that all Public Information Requests go through the online portal to help with reporting and ensure timely responses, requestors may send their request via email at or provide a physical request to our Administrative offices at 1401 W. Pecan St., Pflugerville, Tx 78660.


    Rights of Requestors 

    You have the right to: Prompt access to information that is not confidential or otherwise protected; Receive treatment equal to all other requestors, including accommodation in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements; Receive certain kinds of information without exceptions, like the voting record of public officials, and other information; Receive a written statement of estimated charges, when charges will exceed $40, in advance of work being started and opportunity to modify the request in response to the itemized statement; Choose whether to inspect the requested information (most often at no charge), receive copies of the information or both; A waiver or reduction of charges if the governmental body determines that access to the information primarily benefits the general public; Receive a copy of the communication from the governmental body asking the Office of the Attorney General for a ruling on whether the information can be withheld under one of the accepted exceptions, or if the communication discloses the requested information, a redacted copy; Lodge a written complaint about overcharges for public information with the Attorney General Office.  Complaints of other possible violations may be filed with the county or district attorney of the county where the governmental body, other than a state agency, is located.  If the complaint is against the county or district attorney, the complaint must be filed with the Office of the Attorney General.

    Responsibilities of Governmental Bodies

    All governmental bodies responding to information requests have the responsibility to: Establish reasonable procedures for inspecting or copying public information and inform requestors of these procedures; Treat all requestors uniformly and shall give to the requestor all reasonable comfort and facility, including accommodation in accordance with ADA requirements;Be informed about open records laws and educate employees on the requirements of those laws; Inform requestors of the estimated charges greater than $40 and any changes in the estimates above 20 percent of the original estimate, and confirm that the requestor accepts the charges, or has amended the request, in writing before finalizing the request; Inform the requestor if the information cannot be provided promptly and set a date and time to provide it within a reasonable time; Request a ruling from the Office of the Attorney General regarding any information the governmental body wishes to withhold, and send a copy of the request for ruling, or a redacted copy, to the requestor; Segregate public information from information that may be withheld and provide that public information promptly; Make a good faith attempt to inform third parties when their proprietary information is being requested from the governmental body; Respond in writing to all written communications from the Office of the Attorney General regarding charges for the information.  Respond to the Office of the Attorney General regarding complaints about violations of the Act.

    Non-business Days

    The Texas State Legislature has defined "business days" as any day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, national holiday, state holiday, or certain optional holidays. Texas House Bill 3033 allows school boards to designate up to 10 days as Non-business Days. 
    2024 Non-business Days
    March 11, 2024
    March 12, 2024
    November 1, 2024
    November 25, 2024
    November 26, 2024
    November 27, 2024
    December 23, 2024
    December 27, 2024
    December 30, 2024
    December 31, 2024
    2025 Non-business Days*
    March 17, 2025
    March 18, 2025
    March 19, 2025
    March 20, 2025
    March 21, 2025
    Additional non-business days may be approved by the board of trustees after approval of the 2025-2026 academic calendar.

    Cost of Records

    If a request is for copies of information, the District may charge ten cents per copy, and may charge $15 per hour for labor costs associated with processing the request if the number of copies exceeds 50 pages. Charges for labor may also be assessed for multiple requests totaling more than 36 hours in preparation time per fiscal year.