•  Primary logo                emblem
    In 2014, Pflugerville ISD launched a new logo. The horizontal PfISD logo is the district's Primary logo and the square Pf logo is referred to as the Emblem. Users are allowed to use whichever logo best suits their purpose. Additionally, the district has created a document for the Logo Standards to explain how the logo should be used.
    Please read the Logo Standards for instructions before downloading and using a logo.
    Links to all logos can be found on the district's Intranet site* under Community Relations. For anyone who needs to access the files from home or any place outside of PfISD, the logos have also been placed on the district's shared drive: !PISD Public/Community Relations/Logos. *The link to the Intranet site will not work if you are not on a district computer.  

    Logos for Use in Microsoft Word/PowerPoint
    The logo is offered in two formats - JPEG and PNG, both in color and in black.
    • JPEG format photos are most commonly used for photographs and similar continuous-tone bitmap images. JPEG images have a white background and will have a white box around the image when placed on a colored background or photograph.
    • PNG files offer a transparent background. Both options can be used in Word documents, PowerPoints and other types of documents.

    Logos for Professional Printing (Vector Format)
    Most computers do not have the necessary software to view an EPS file. These files are more for use for screen printing or embroidery. The files have a gray or black background to signify to printers what parts of the image should print.
    There are two approved letterheads for use by district employees - one in full color and one in black and white.