• Heritage Spanish Espectations:
    I want all my students to succeed at everything they possibly can. This means to accomplish, master, understand, and complete tasks, concepts, and processes at their personal level and beyond—or beyond what they are used to doing. I expect my students to:
    Be prepared. Do their work.
    Do their work well. Do all their work.
    Do their work on time. Take homework seriously.
    Turn in their homework. Try hard.
    Put forth effort. Bring all their supplies to class.
    Be ready to learn. Study for tests. Listen.
    Participate. Listen and learn from others.
    Share their ideas and respect their peers’ ideas
    Reflect on their work. Make good decisions.
    Push themselves beyond the easy. Don’t settle for mediocre work.
    Try new things. Ask for help.
    I, the teacher, will hold and model high expectations for myself. I will demonstrate in the way I do my job that every behavior I am teaching you is about meeting academic and personal excellence. I will constantly be among my students—always paying attention to how they are doing, who is lost, who needs a push, and who needs a scaffold.