All fundraising is optional but students are encouraged to participate. The money raised is used for student motivation, activities, and to improve the choir department.
    • All money raised belongs to the WMS choir and cannot be refunded for any reason. It is deposited into the Choir Activity Fund and cannot be moved to any other budget account.
    • Each fundraiser is earmarked for a specific purpose. A fundraiser for student accounts is held in the spring.
    • For a fundraiser for student accounts: A percentage of the fundraising money a student makes is applied to that student’s account. The remaining money is for handling and fees.

    Monies raised can only go into that student’s account. It may not be transferred or be used to pay for siblings or chaperones.
    • All fundraising money must be collected when the order is taken. Incomplete orders will not be taken for any reason.
    • All fundraising must be turned in by the due date.
    • Receipts are issued for all money taken in. Students should keep this as record of payment.