• Expectations

    In this class students are to work individually on their own projects as well as collaborate with others on group projects. Class time will be used for teaching, learning, critiquing and working on art projects. Students must work diligently on the task at hand and remain focused to complete projects by their given due dates. Care and respect must be given to one another in order to not interfere with the creative process. Since all students share the same work areas and supplies, it is important to maintain them responsibly. We will all be respectful, responsible, ready and safe.


    Classroom Expectations

    1.Respect Yourself

    2. Respect Each other and their belongings

    3. Respect our classroom and our things

    4. Listen and follow directions

    5. Do not talk or interrupt when Ms. Gray is talking


    Art room expectations

    1.     Respect everyone’s artwork including your own

    2.     Take care of our art materials

    3.     Clean up after yourselves and each other

    4.     Be creative and use appropriate imagery

    5.     Do your best, stay on task 100%, and challenge yourself


    Consequences for not meeting expectations

    1.     Verbal warning

    2.     One on one conversation

    3.     Writing intervention

    4.     Phone call home

    5.     Referral