• Expectations
    Student Grades: AVID students are expected to maintain a grade of 75 or higher in all of their classes, especially in their core classes and foreign language classes. Students are required and expected to attend teacher tutorials as often as possible to keep their grades above 75.
    AVID Tutorials: AVID students are required to come to the AVID class on tutoring days prepared with their Tutorial Request Form completed.
    Pencil Pouch: Students must keep a pencil pouch with the following supplies - 2 black or blue ink pens, 1 or more red ink pens, 2 or more pencils, 1 eraser, 1 or more highlighters.
    AVID Binder: Students are expected to carry a 2 inch (or larger) binder organized according to AVID guidelines. Students should carry the binder everyday and in every class. This is non-negotiable.
    Cornell Notes (CN): Mainly used during a class lecture, a class power point, a class reading, or a movie containing information for which the student must be responsible. To receive full credit, students must have the notes completed in the correct format. A rubric is provided.
    Agenda: Students must write any homework, tests, quizzes, projects (etc.) in agenda. The notes in the agenda must be specific and detailed. If there is nothing for that class for that day, draw an"X" (or something). Do not leave the square blank.
    Homework: AVID students have homework every day. The homework consists of completing Cornell Notes daily in AVID and in their core classes. In addition, on tutoring days, students must complete the tutorial form (TRF) showing their critical thinking.