• Course Description

    The Westview karate team, also known as the Kickstart program, has risen to become one of, if not the premier kickstart program in PfISD. The Kickstart program teaches strong moral character values in our children through the martial arts. Westview Kickstart excels in making our children feel like they belong. When a child feels like they belong they will strive to do their very best. In a testament to this fact, Westview Kickstart holds the Kickstart record for most students participating at an event. When a child loves what they do it is hard to keep them away! We also boast the most students graduating to black belt than any in the district! This has happened even though the program at Westview started later than the other PfISD schools. Our record-breaking efforts also earned the TEAM the number one Fundraiser in the entire Kickstart Program! We find that our children love the program and because of this they do better in school.

    The Kickstart program is an elective course taught in school along with your child's regular classes. It can be taken as a PE credit as well. Your child participates every school day and has access to the after-school program, Demo team and earn a spot on PfISD’s Citywide Demo team as well as a top-notch Summer Program. A program like this outside the school will easily cost in the thousands of dollars. PfISD’s cost for this program is $125.00 for the year. A fraction of its worth!