• Class expectations/rules

    1. I will set high goals for myself now.
    2. I will show respect for my abilities, my karate and myself by always trying my best.
    3. I am special, important and unique. I will remind often myself and others that they are too.
    4. I will never use my karate to show off or pick a fight. Instead I will use it only for self-defense and the defense of my family. I will never be a bully.
    5. Discipline, respect and inner-strength are key elements of an excellent martial artist. I will develop myself in all of these areas.
    6. I will be true and honest to everyone - especially to myself.
      I will take pride in myself and work at being a leader and example to others.
    7. In school, I will strive to have the best attendance possible.
    8. I will strive to have the best school grades possible, do all my homework, and I will show my instructor all of my report cards and progress reports.
    9. I will show respect to all people both in and out of karate.
    10. I will not bend to peer pressure, partake in drugs or any other risky behaviors. I will help others follow the same path through leading by example.
    11. I will strive to improve my physical condition, my health, and my eating habits.
    12. I will dress out every day in a clean, neat karate uniform, and try to be the first student ready for class.
    13. I will address all instructors as Mr. or Ms. and answer them with Sir or Ma’am.
    14. I will bow before entering or leaving the karate training area.
    15. I will ask for the instructor’s permission before entering or leaving a class that is in progress.
    16. I will remove all jewelry before karate class.
    17. I will not bring gum or food into the karate training area.
    18. I will use only positive, appropriate language in the training area.
    19. I will always keep my fingernails and toenails clean and trimmed.
    20. I will maintain a karate notebook and bring it to class every day.
    21. If a black belt enters the karate training area I will tell my instructor if necessary. If I am the highest rank present I will bring the class to attention and have them bow to the Black Belt.
    22. I will make everyone very proud to have me as a member of the Chuck Norris T.E.A.M.