• Special Meals Request Policy 

    Dear Parent,

    Pflugerville ISD is committed to providing a safe, nutritious food selection to your student. Because of this commitment, PfISD strives to be a nut-free environment. Our kitchens and equipment are free of any nut residue eliminating the potential risk of a nut allergy reaction from eating a school meal. However, your student may have other severe food allergies or other special nutritional needs that require changes to your school's meal menus.

    To ensure that your student’s special nutritional needs are met, we require that you provide a completed copy of the Special Meals Request Form  (Solicitud de Alimentos Especiales) Any change in diet for your student will be based on information provided on this form. Therefore, this form must be signed by a licensed physician.

    If you would like to change menu options for your child due to reasons other than those prescribed by a physician, you may contact the Food Services office at (512) 594-0430. We would appreciate your feedback.

    Geoff Holle   
    Resident District Manager - Food Services

    The Child Nutrition Department is required by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to provide appropriate menu substitutions to students with food allergy that is classified as a medical disability, or for students with disabilities that restrict their diet.
     If this is a severe allergy (classified as a medical disability), or if your child has a disability that restricts their diet, please supply your school cafeteria manager with this SPECIAL MEALS REQUEST FORM (Parts A & B), completed in full and signed by a licensed physician.

    Food substitutions may be made at the discretion of the Child Nutrition Department for individual students who do not have a severe allergy (classified as a medical disability) and or disability, but who are medically certified as having a special dietary need, or religious diet request. Before any decisions are made, this Special Meals Request Form (Solicitud de Alimentos Especiales)(Parts A & C) must be completed in full and signed by a recognized medical authority. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Food Services Department's Director, Geoff Holle (Geoff.Holle@pfisd.net; 512-594-0432)