Student Safety:
    Student safety is always of the utmost importance and at the top of the priority list for PfISD. The district works directly with its transportation contractor to ensure that eligible students are being transported and delivered to and from their school campuses and homes safely.

    By law (issued from the Department of Public Safety), students are required to have assigned seats and student seating charts must be submitted by the drivers to record student attendance.

    The safety of students also requires that all eligible students conduct themselves according to the rules and guidelines put in place by the district, transportation contractor, and bus drivers while students are entering, riding, and exiting the buses.

    Transportation services are a privilege, and as such, students must do their part to ensure that these privileges can continue to be enjoyed safely by all who are eligible. Failure to display appropriate conduct, can and will lead to temporary or permanent suspension of riding privileges. Please see the entire list of rules and policies in the Pflugerville ISD Student Transportation Bus Rules document.


    Safety Reminders: State law mandates that all vehicles come to a complete stop when approaching a school bus with the red loading lights flashing. 

    Furthermore, state law also dictates that “a person commits an offense if the person intentionally disrupts, prevents, or interferes with the lawful transportation of children to and from school or an activity sponsored by a school on a vehicle owned or operated by a county or independent school district".
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