• State and District GT Professional Learning Requirements (←click to read detailed information about our learning requirements):
    I. Thirty Hour GT Foundation Online Training

    2021 Spring/Summer 30 hour GT Foundation ONLINE training available: Access the online GT (30) thirty hour foundation training by completing this Google Form(←click). Registration information and the code to access the TAGT on-demand modules will appear once the form is complete.  Follow the instructions that appear to gain access to the Responsive Learning, TAGT on-demand learning modules. This training needs to be complete by August 31, 2021 for participants to receive credit.  

    Contact Shirley Bachus, with questions about the training or access information. Send all training certificates to Shirley Bachus upon completion.  Keep a copy of your training certificates for your records.

    II. PD Documentation - 30 hour training 
    Teachers who have thirty (30) hours of GT Foundation training records from outside of district should submit copies of training certificates to Shirley Bachus,  Assistant Director Postsecondary Readiness.   Submit documentation of training using the GT PD Documentation Review Form.  Upon review and acceptance of documentation, hours will be recorded in the GT training records maintained by the district (this is separate from True North). Employees are required to maintain record of their GT foundation training hours and annual updates.  Proof of training can be requested at any time. Teachers using the outside provider online training provided by the district will also need to submit certificates of training upon completion.

    III. Six Hour GT Update Requirement for Professionals Currently Serving Gifted Learners

    Pflugerville ISD's training cycle for GT Professional Development is June 1 - May 1.  Teachers who provide instruction and services that are a part of the district’s defined gifted/talented services receive a minimum of six (6) hours annually of professional learning in gifted/talented education that is related to state teacher education standards.

    Teachers providing GT services in PFISD include: elementary GT cluster teachers, PFLEX teachers, Advanced Academic core content teachers.  Six-hour updates should be completed annually by teachers serving GT learners each year after the 30 hour Foundation training.  The thirty hour foundation training should be taken prior to annual updates.

    IV. Six Hour GT Update Process - 2020-2021

    1. Campus GT Administrators are responsible for creating a GT Professional Learning Plan for their campus annually.

    menu of approved GT training options (←click) can help create a plan.  Campuses can elect to have teachers locate their own training options as well. The first item on the menu is the online TAGT on-demand professional library paid for by the districtConsider using these modules to fulfill training needs or a blend of online learning and face to face PLC meetings.  Book study suggestions can be accessed at Hoagies Gifted (←click).

    Save documentation of training.  Documentation may include one or more of the following depending on training type:
    1.) Transcript;
    2.) Certificate;
    3.) Letter or documentation stating training received;
    4.) Sign in sheets and agenda/notes from PLC / book study meetings.
    2. Teachers serving GT Learners will complete a Professional Learning Reflection (<Click) by May 1, 2021. To submit the form for the Professional Learning Reflection, all questions must be answered and documentation of training must be attached to the end of the form.  This form is open during the entire training cycle window of June 1, 2020 - May 1, 2021.
     V. State GT Information
    Additional information for GT services in Texas can be found at Gifted and Talented Education in Texas.