• Life Safety Systems
    Life Safety Systems is the name given to equipment that is installed with the purpose of increasing the safety of building occupants. Examples of Life Safety equipment installed in PfISD facilities include Fire Alarm Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrants, Fire Extinguishers, and Kitchen Suppression Systems. Other examples include Building Intrusion Systems and Video Systems.

    Because the performance of these systems is critical, these systems are subject to multiple regulations related to design, installation and required periodic testing and maintenance. PfISD technicians are responsible for the testing and inspection of Life Safety Systems at required intervals to maintain compliance with local, state and federal requirements and to keep critical systems installed in PfISD facilities in operable condition.
    Emergency & Safety Equipment
    PfISD supplies each campus with various equipment to aid in safety and emergency management. 
    • Radios; every campus is issued UHF radios that allow for communications between staff and campus administrators both inside and outside of the building.
    • Go Kits; every teacher is issued a go kit, which is a back pack full of  essential emergency items that can assist staff and students during a crisis event.
    • Raptor Visitor Management System; All visitors are required to check in at the front office of each campus.  All campuses are supplied with a visitor management system that allows for visitors to be screened through a sex offender data base.  It also allows for alerts to appropriate persons should a person banned from the campus attempt to obtain a visitor pass.