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    Evacuate is called  when there is a need to move students from one location to another. The most common use of this action is a fire drill, in which students are evacuated to predetermined staging areas.

    Public Address

    The public address for Evacuate is: “Evacuate!  Type/Location” and is repeated twice each time the public address is performed. Type is added when special actions need to be taken during evacuation. For instance “Evacuate! To the Flag Pole. Evacuate! To the Flag Pole.”

    Red Card /Green Card (Assembly card)
    red green card

    After taking roll at the assembly area, the Red/Green Card system is employed for administration or first responders to quickly, visually identify the status of the teachers’ classes by folding the card to show either green or red.




    Green Card
    (OK) - All students accounted for, No immediate help is necessary

    Red Card
    (Help) - Extra or missing students, or vital information must be

    Incident Command System

    The School Incident Command System should be initiated.


    The classroom teacher is responsible for initiating an evacuation. In a tactical situation, students may be instructed to establish a single file line and hold hands or ask students and staff to place their hands on their heads or use different evacuation methods, i.e run, crawl


    Evacuate is typically called by the school operator.


    Evacuation drills should be performed during any month that has ten or more school days. Fire drills constitute a valid evacuation drill.


    Evacuation preparation involves the identification and marking of facility Evacuation Points and campus maps.


    Students are trained that if they are separated from their class during a tactical evacuation, then joining an evacuation line is acceptable. Students should be
    instructed to identify themselves to the teacher in their group after arriving at the Evacuation site.

    Special needs evacuation plans should be developed and drilled, including medication and pharmaceutical evacuation and chain of trust.

    Evacuation Assembly

    The Evacuation Assembly refers to gathering at the Evacuation Assembly Point. Teachers are instructed to take roll after arrival at the Evacuation Assembly Point and to use their green/red signs to indicate their status.