Course Addition/Deletion/Update

    Approval Process


    Requests must be submitted electronically to the Guidance & Counseling Coordinator by October 1, 2021.

    The link to the form to complete the course addition/deletion/update request is HERE.  Send questions about the form or process to Stephen Polk, Guidance and Counseling Coordinator. 

    Process to complete Adobe Form for Course Addition, Deletion, or Update:

    1. Campus and /or district personnel completes Sections A-D of the Course Addition/Deletion/Update Request Form using Adobe. Form must be completed and submitted electronically using Adobe.  Libraries in PfISD should have the software available if needed. If parts of sections A-C are not applicable to the course, leave blank or indicate N/A. Note: previously submitted courses will need to have additonal information not previously considered in order to be accepted for consideration.


    1. Requestor should email completed form to Stephen.Polk@pfisd.net when prompted by the adobe form.  After emailing, PRINT completed form and give to campus principal or principal designee.


    1. Principal or principal designee reviews printed form request and determines to recommend or not recommend request.  Principal will sign all requests and provide a recommendation.  


    1. Principal sends all requests to the Guidance and Counseling Coordinator with campus principal or designee signature and recommendation within 5 working days of request due date of October 1. Without principal recommendation, requests will not advance to Level 2 review.


    1. The Guidance & Counseling Coordinator will facilitate the Level 2 review process. Level 2 review may include the following committee members from the follwing deparments depending on course request: Curriculum and Innovation, Postsecondary Readiness, CTE, Athletics, Fine Arts, Multilingual team Directors or members.


    1. The Guidance & Counseling Coordinator will take all request and recommendation to District Executive Leadership Team Meeting for review.


    1. Upon approval of ELT, Guidance & Counseling Coordinator will submit course(s) to Department of Information Systems for changes to district course master list in the Student Information System. The Guidance & Counseling Coordinator will notify the campus principal of approval status and rationale.


    1. After processing, Department of Information Systems will return forms/course codes to the Guidance & Counseling Coordinator to include in the Middle School and/or High School Course Guide.



    Course Add, Delete, or Update Request Process  

    Suggested Revisions to the Course Guide and/or Endorsement Guide:
    We encourage all district personnel to review the course guide and endorsement guides.  Suggestions for needed revisions are welcomed.  Please complete the following form(s) if there are revisions needed to the Middle School and / or High School Course Guides as well as the Endorsement guides.   Suggestions are due to the Guidance and Counseling Coordinator by October 1, 2020.

    Suggested Revisions to Course Guide and/or Endorsement Guide  

    Please direct any questions to:
    Stephen Polk
    Guidance & Counseling Coordinator