• Tier 2 GT Service 


    Tier 2 GT Services work to develop five skills that, in addition to the academic curriculum standards, create a well-balanced GT student.
    1. Thinking Skills
      -Inductive reasoning (ability to use specific observations to create  broader generalizations
      -Deductive reasoning (ability to use broad generalizations to create specific observations/data)
      -Higher-order/Critical Thinking (ability to use reflective thinking that questions assumptions)
      -Inquisitive Problem Solving (inclination to question)
      -Problem solving (ability to solve problems methodically)
    2. Leadership Skills
      -Time management (ability to utilize time appropriately)
      -Organization (ability to make order of tasks, people involved and materials)
    3. Communication Skills
      -Critical Analysis (ability to articulate how a medium is composed, related to others, could be improved)
      -Interpersonal (ability to communicate appropriately with peers)
    4. Self-directed Learning
      -Intrapersonal (ability to effectively work independently)
      -Goal setting (ability to set realistic goals and make adjustments when needed)
      -Evaluation (ability to assess personal work using introspection and critical analysis)
      -Personal growth (ability to recognize strengths and weaknesses and acknowledge ways to grow)
    5. Creativity
      -Fluency (ability to generate a large quantity of ideas or alternatives to a problem/task)
      -Flexibility (ability to approach a problem/task from different perspectives)
      -Elaboration (ability to add or embellish ideas with further details)
      -Originality (ability to produce ideas that are unique or unusual)
    Students identified as Gifted and Talented in PfISD receive an array of services.  One Tier 2 service at the elementary level is enrichment curriculum, which includes the Texas Performance Standards Project as well as extensions in the PfISD curriculum. Within the GT cluster, students will recieve access to learning extensions and enrichment activities aligned to their area(s) of giftedness. Enrichment and/or extentsion activities will begin a few weeks into the school year and will end a few weeks before the close of the school year.  GT cluster teachers will facilitate Tier 2 services designed by district GT Specialists to encourage curiosity, high levels of thinking, and a passion for learning!  In addition to small group instruction and/or learning stations, campuses may elect to provide enrichment time for GT students during scheduled intervention.  Check with each campus to learn more about model of delivery. 
    All elementary PfISD GT learners and MS Pflex elective students are expected to complete a minimum of two GT projects per year.  One product of choice will be showcased at a Project Fair in late April or May. Campuses will determine date, time, and type of Project Fair.
    The GT Specialist will support GT cluster teachers by providing:
    • Tier 2 curriclum modules and enrichment/extension activities
    • Flexible grouping strategies
    • Learning station support
    • GT instructional strategies
    • Instructional feedback through coaching model

    Tier 2 Curriculum Goals:

    Each curricular concept will contain supporting elements to…

    ·   meet the needs of an array of gifted learners to allow 21st Century Skill Development* in the areas 
        measured by the district GT Growth report (thinking,leadership, communication, self-directed learning,
        and creativity)

    ·   provide opportunities for collaboration among gifted learners

    ·   provide opportunities for independent and collaborative project-based research, inquiry, and study

    ·   encourage competence in, and commitment to, real-life problem solving

    ·   allow for opportunities for students to develop creative and critical thinking skills

    ·   help students take responsibility for their own learning

    ·   allow for differentiation for primary and intermediate level students

    ·   offer choices and avenues for extending individual areas of giftedness

    ·   include character development and focus on social and emotional needs

    ·   learn and apply creative problem solving tools

    ·   develop teamwork and leadership skills

    ·   enhance and apply written and verbal communication and presentation skills

    ·   promote the recognition, use, and development of individual strengths and talents


    Middle School Pflex Elective
    Pflex is an optional service offered as an elective class.  This elective highlights the same five skills as the elementary Pflex program. For 2019- 2020 Pflex classes will explore enrichment and extension activities to include study skills, Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP), and STEM. Some campuses will be using the Speak Up, Speak Out resource this year.  Check with your campus Pflex teacher to learn more about specific units of study.
    Other optional GT services include after school enrichment opportunities, which will be available for students interested in competing in UIL, Destination Imagination, and Math Pentathlon. Students may need to fundraise or provide funding for some of these competitive events.  Check with your campus to determine financial need.  Please note, volunteers are integral to the success of all our programs. Please speak to the GT Advocate (counselor) at your campus to learn more about helping/volunteering with GT learners.