• SHAC Meeting Minutes: Jan. 10, 2023

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 1/10/2023

    PfISD SHAC Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    January 10, 2023 6PM-7:30PM
    I.    Call to order and remarks by Emmylou Rivera at 6:00 p.m. 
    a.    Reminder that the meeting is audio recorded.
    b.    In attendance: Vernagene Mott, Renae Mitchell, Annie Hernandez, Ralph Hoard, Geoff Holle, Emmylou Rivera, Michael Sipes, Charlie Torres, Cristina Garcia, Casey Harris, Maureen McDonough, Lynn Trumbul, Julie Lukomski, Luke Ortega Luper, Irma Sims, Charlie Torres, Jessica Hyde, Jeneice Hall, Mike Powell, Brittany Jones, Alina Satkoski, Astrid Slaughter, Kallie Gettinger, David O’Connor, and Sue Ann DeCuir.
    II.    Approval of Minutes from 11/1/2022 –Motion carried
    III.    Call for volunteers to join elections subcommittee-Charlie Torres
    a.    The elections subcommittee is being formed to discuss nominations for the next election of SHAC officers (Chair, Co-Chair, and Secretary)
    b.    The elections subcommittee will require a commitment of 1 or 2 brief meetings, to be held at the convenience of the members, before the May 2023 elections.
    c.    Volunteers' names and contact information was given to Emmylou Rivera for follow-up.
    IV.    Call for volunteers to join the by-law subcommittee-Emmylou Rivera
    a.    The by-law subcommittee is being formed to discuss revisions to the current SHAC by-laws.
    b.    It is expected that by-law revisions will be submitted to the district no later than May 2023. 
    c.    Volunteers’ names and contact information was given to Emmylou Rivera for follow-up.

    V.    Nurse NARCAN® Training Discussion-Brittany Jones
    a.    Training was conducted by the Health Services Department through a recommendation of the Williamson Cities and County Health Department for all school district nurses, including substitute nurses. School Resource Officers (SROs) had their own appropriate training through a Police resource.
    b.    All PfISD middle school and high school campus nurses received doses of NARCAN®.
    i.    1 pack, containing 2 doses each per campus.
    c.    SROs do supply and carry their own NARCAN® doses.
    VI.    District Physical Education Overview-Ralph Hoard
    a.    PreK-5th grade students are required to receive moderate to vigorous physical activity through physical education class. The implementation of physical education varies according to campus, but usually is allotted in the following ways:
    i.    30 minutes daily;
    ii.    135 minutes weekly;
    iii.    225 minutes biweekly, every other day. 
    b.    Middle school students (6-7) are required to participate in physical education for 30 minutes daily for at least 4 semesters.
    i.    Other ways to attain physical education credit include school athletics, KICKSTART, and off-campus physical education.
    c.    High school students (9-12) are required to participate in one year of physical education to meet graduation requirements.
    i.    Other ways to attain physical education credit include school athletics, classes such as sports medicine and athletic trainers, marching band, ROTC, cheerleading, drill team, and off-campus physical education.
    d.    Every student that participates in any physical activity requirement in grades 3-12 must complete an annual fitness assessment. The district uses FITNESSGRAM to assess students’ physical fitness. 
    e.    A parent may request in writing a copy of their child’s physical fitness assessment results.
    VII.    Yoga/Meditation Discussion-Ralph Hoard
    a.    The district does not have a standard yoga/mediation curriculum.
    b.    Yoga and/or mediation exercises are provided according to the campus’ discretion. 
    c.    Campuses utilize Cosmic Kids Yoga and other web-based programs for yoga/meditation practices. 
    d.    Yoga/meditation practices include warm-up and cool down activities during physical education classes. 
    VIII.    Future agenda items proposed
    a.    Overview of district health classes.
    b.    Discussion of the mental health impacts of active shooter drills.
    c.    Discussion of mental health first aid offered by the district.
    d.    Improvement of student access to district mental health counselors and other counseling resources provided by the district.

    Adjourn    Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm
    Minutes prepared by: Michael Sipes
    Next Meeting: March 21, 2023, from 6PM to 7:30PM

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Nov. 1, 2022

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 11/1/2022
    1. Call to order and remarks by Emmylou Rivera at 6:00 p.m.
      1. Reminder that meeting is audio recorded.
      2. In attendance: Kallie Gettinger, Mike Powell, Annie Hernandez, Geoff Holle, Madeline Kinzly, Michael Sipes, Julie Lukowski, Lorie Killian, Denise Petherbridge, Tiffany Ricks, Irma Mebane-Sims, Charlie Torres, Oscar Zamora, Miguel Hernandez, and Emmylou Rivera
    2. Approval of Minutes from 10/04/22 –Motion carried
    3. Committee Discussion and Elections – Charlie Torres
      1. Co-chair and Secretary positions to be filled for the Jan-May 2023 term
        1. Co-chair Annie Hernandez
        2. Secretary Michael Sipes
      2. Elections Subcommittee to be created in Jan 2023 to discuss future nominees for open executive committee positions to be filled in May 2023
    4. Food Nutrition Discussion- Geoff Holle
      1. Free Breakfast provided for approximately 25K children
      2. Free snacks are provided across the district
      3. Grants provided by USDA/FDA
      4. Children surveyed on food options
      5. Meal plans compiled by chefs and dieticians
      6. Additional food nutrition information available on their website
    5. Drug Prevention Protocols – Lorie Killian
      1. PfISD nurses are receiving training to provide overdose injections/assistance when required.
      2. Currently PfISD Police Dept. has the ability and necessary training to provide Narcan when required.
    1. Covid Updates – Lorie Killian
      1. Masking is no longer required for students and staff.  Masking is optional.
      2. Covid reported cases for October 2022 were 69 in total compared to 150 confirmed and unconfirmed flu cases for a three day period in October 2022.
    2. Future Agenda Items proposed
      1. What options are available to restart mobile flu shot clinics in the schools?
      2. Revisit and possibly update the SHAC bylaws.  Subcommittee will be formed to determine if changes are needed.



    Adjourn        Meeting adjourned at 7:00 pm

    Minutes prepared by: Emmylou Rivera

    Next Meeting: January 10, 2023  from 6PM to 7:30PM

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Oct. 4, 2022

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 10/4/2022

    PfISD SHAC Meeting Minutes                                                                                                                                                       

    October 4, 2022  6p.m.-7:30p.m.

    1. Call to order and remarks by Emmylou Rivera at 6:05 p.m.
      1. Meeting is audio recorded.
      2. In attendance: Ralph Hoard III, Denise Petherbridge, Vernagene Mott, Geoff Holle, Sue Ann Decuir, Emmylou Rivera, Kallie Gettinger, Amy Griego, Abhishek Gupta, Alanna Judd, Karen Salgado, Amanda (no last name posted), & Christina Henderson.
    2. Approval of Minutes from 09/20/22 –Motion carried.
    3. Follow up discussion/Vote of Sex Education Curriculum changes/TEKS realignment—Motion carried unanimously with one abstention
    4. Future Agenda Items proposed
      1. Discuss further current food nutrition options.
      2. Provide update on Covid cases now that masking is no longer required
      3. Discuss drug (Fentanyl) counseling options currently available


    Adjourn        Meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm

    Minutes prepared by: Emmylou Rivera

    Next Meeting: November 1, 2022  from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Sept. 20, 2022

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 9/20/2022
    1. Call to order and remarks by Ralph Hoard III at 6:07pm
      1. Meeting is audio recorded
      2. In attendance: Denise Petherbridge, Lorie Killian, Kallie Gettinger, Sue Ann Decuir, Ralph Hoard, Emmylou Rivera, Charlie Torres, Vernagene Mott, Julio Montelengo, Karen Salgado
    2. Review of presentations of materials for new TEKS relating to human sexuality, the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence and sex trafficking – QUAVER and GOODHEART WILCOX
      1. Discussion guided by Sue Ann Decuir and Denise Petherbridge
      2. Question and answers
    3. Discussion as to courses/methods for content delivery
      1. Discussion guided by Sue Ann Decuir
      2. Question and answers
        1. Will have copy of textbooks/curriculum prior to next held SHAC meeting – 5:30pm in Board Room at Administrative Building prior to SHAC meeting at 6pm
    4. Future Agenda Items – tabled until next meeting
    5. Meeting Adjourned at 7pm
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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Sept. 13, 2022

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 9/13/2022

    September 13, 2022, 6pm

    Call to order

    -Reminder that all meetings will be audio recorded 

    1. Welcome New and Existing Members- Quorum not established. In attendance- Charlie Torres, Ralph Hoard, Lorie Killian, Kallie Gettinger, Geoff Holle, Madeline Kinzly, Mael Montelongo, Sue Ann Decuir. 
    1. Presentation from Quaver publishers of for 4th and 5th grade maturation class materials recorded so that full SHAC can view.
    2. Presentation from Goodheart Wilcox publishers of curriculum materials for the District’s instruction relating to the prevention of child abuse, family violence, dating violence, and sex trafficking and sexual health for Middle School and High School staff, recorded so that full SHAC can view
    3. All discussion tabled until called meeting so that full SHAC can be present.



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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: May 10, 2022

    Posted by Sharee Byrd on 5/10/2022

    May 10, 2022  6p.m.-7:30p.m.

    1. Call to order and remarks by Lorie Killian at 6:00 p.m.
      1. Meeting is audio recorded.
      2. In attendance: Denise Meserole (Food Services), Madeline Kinzly (Food Services), Ralph Hoard III (PFISD Wellness), Nadia Rutayisire, Lorie Killian, Elizabeth Hucul (presenter) and Denise Petherbridge’s co-worker who presented on TEKS
    2. Approval of Minutes from 3/22/22 –Motion carried.
    3. Me and You Too Program  –Elizabeth Hucul, UT School of Public Health
      1. 25% of teenagers report verbal, physical, emotional or sexual dating violence every year.
      2. Over 10% HS students in the US experienced sexual violence in 2019.
      3. 26% of women and 15% of men who experienced abuse from an intimate partner first experienced that when they were minors.
      4. Me and You Too program, with parent and youth consent, gives 6th graders a series of virtual lessons to learn healthy relationships.
      5. Post-survey data: students more likely to resist peer pressure, process emotions in healthy way, think about consequences before making decision and make plans to reach goals.
        1. Currently have informed consent in English, Spanish but could potentially add Vietnamese if needed.
        2. The program would be supervised by 6th grade science teachers and later on fall into the elementary school health curriculum.

    Adjourn        Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm

    Minutes prepared by: Nadia Rutayisire

    Next Meeting: May 24, 2022  from 6 pm to 7.30 pm

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Jan. 11, 2022

    Posted by SHAC on 1/11/2022


    1. Call to order and remarks by Emmylou Rivera at 6:03 p.m.
      1. Meeting is audio recorded.
      2. Reminder to send your Open Meetings training certificate to: shac@pfisd.net
      3. Reminder that the maximum number of meetings that can be missed is 2 per year as per the SHAC bylaws.
      4. In attendance: Emmylou Rivera, Nadia Rutayisire, Samantha Supernaw, Charlie Torres, Lorie Killian (District Health Services), Allison Martino, Ralph Hoard III (PFISD Wellness Coordinator), Cristina Mendoza (TX STAR), Geoff Holle, Corbin Black, Cristina Garcia (Austin Public Health), Ed Tydings, Kallie Gettinger, Alanna Janssens and Luke Ortega Luper. (15 members)
    2. Approval of Minutes from 11/09/2021 – Motion by Ed Hastings and seconded by Lorie Killian. Motion carried.
    3. Preventing tobacco use in children – Lorie Killian
      1. All PfISD schools are tobacco and vape-free zones. Students go over dangers of tobacco in health classes and are taught about smoking and carcinogens in 4th grade during CACH (state mandated wellness program taught in grades K to 8). CACH = Coordinated Approach to Child Health.
      2. Red ribbon week to remember dangers of smoking and drugs.
      3. Social workers offer emotional counseling for kids wanting to quit but fearing peer pressure. Kallie Gettinger is the new social worker appointed to PfISD.
    4. Update from American Heart Association – Allison Martino
      1. PowerPoint presentation: Kid Heart Challenge
        1. Elementary student program: Kids Heart Challenge contains up to four weeks of daily activities to bring physical health and social emotional lessons to students and their families through a parent-update email series.
        2. Kids are taught to be kind, drink water and not do vaping or tobacco
        3. QR code to show kids how heart, brain, and lungs work
        4. Get parents involved: 76% of district parents use program
        5. Every school that’s involved gets website access with a multitude of resources
        6. 1 out of 2 teens have experienced social/emotional problems  introduce coping tools to kids
      2. Questions and Discussion
        1. What support and/or training are teachers who struggle with stress and anxiety receiving? What support is being provided for students? – Charlie Torres
          1. Per Kallie Gettinger, there is currently a program in place that helps create a new culture of acceptance and understanding. Everyone has experienced trauma and we need to treat children and adults with that in mind. Trauma does not necessarily equate into something like death, it could be as simple as stress, job loss, etc.
          2. Per Kallie Gettinger, Trauma-identified schools have received the full program. All other schools have gotten an introductory program. Within 3 years, every school will have full program.
          3. Samantha Supernaw: EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offers support to PfISD staff through their Benefits app for free.


    Adjourn         Meeting adjourned at 6.45 p.m.

    Minutes prepared by: Nadia Rutayisire

    Next Meeting: March 8, 2022  from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Nov. 9, 2021

    Posted by SHAC on 11/9/2021


    1. Meeting called to order at 6:04 p.m. by Emmylou Rivera.
      1. Starting today, all meetings will be audio recorded.
      2. Attendees: Nadia Rutayisire, Lorie Killian, Cristina Mendoza, Emmylou Rivera, Mael, Camellia, Charlie Torres, Corbin Black, Cristina Garcia, Denise Petherbridge, Docia Craft, Ed Tydings, Geoff Holle, Kyleigh Braun, Monicole Brown, Ralph Hoard III, Samantha Supernaw, Shawn, Shelley Pruett. Total of 19 attendees.
    2. Introductions / Welcome New and Existing Members
    3. Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes started by Ed Tydings and seconded by Charlie Torres.
    4. Legislative session updates
      1. SHAC members need to complete Open Meetings training (1 hr). Emmylou will send info by email to all members.
      2. Powerpoint presentation to be sent after meeting.
      3. Before start of each school year, district must inform parents about their option to opt out of human sexuality curriculum. Informed consent needs to be on paper.
    5. Review of SHAC bylaws
      1. SHAC meeting minutes to be sent to advisory board within 10 days of meeting.
    6. Request updated contact information
      1. If new member, send your name and email to the SHAC (shac@pfisd.net).
    7. American Heart Association presentation - Catalina Berry
      1. Catalina was unavailable today.
      2. Denise Petherbridge - All PFISD schools are tobacco and vape-free zones. Students go over dangers of tobacco in health classes and are taught about smoking and carcinogens in 4th grade during CACH (state mandated wellness program taught in grades K to 8). CACH = Coordinated Approach to Child Health.
      3. Charlie Torres - Red ribbon week to remember dangers of smoking and drugs.
      4. Emmylou Rivera - Emotional counseling for kids wanting to quit but fearing peer pressure. Per Samantha, kids can reach out to their teachers for help.
      5. Samantha Supernaw - Prevalence of smoking in the U.S. increased during COVID.
      6. Create new agenda item for next meeting: what is being done about smoking and vaping prevention? If any suggestions for new topics, email SHAC.
    8. COVID 19 updates- Lorie Killian
      1. COVID cases going down
      2. Vaccines available for staff, students and their families
      3. Continuing mitigation solutions (mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene)
      4. Partnership w/ Austin Public Health to establish shot clinics before Xmas
      5. Water bottles/cups available at all campuses; water stations throughout school

    Adjourn at 6:52 p.m.

    Minutes prepared by: Nadia Rutayisire

    Next Meeting Jan. 11, 2022

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Sept. 14

    Posted by SHAC on 9/14/2021

    September 14, 2021


    Meeting called to order at 6:06 pm by Charlie Torres.


    1. Welcome- Chairperson Charlie Torres welcomed the following:
    2. ZOOM attendees* and requested updated contact information.
    3. Lorie Killian, PfISD’s Lead Nurse, was introduced as acting School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Liaison.
    4. Tina Felan, Pflugerville Education Foundation Executive Director, provided an overview of The Pfoundation’s recent activities and upcoming events. For more information visit http://www.thepfoundation.org/about/staff/.


    1. Introductions- Desmar Walkes, M.D., Medical Director/Health Authority for the City of Austin/Travis County
    2. Provided synopsis of Covid-19 most recent surge with the spotlight on increased pediatric hospital admissions. 133 pediatric cases since July 1, 2021 including 47 ICU admissions and 3 deaths.
    3. Presented Florida Atlantic University’s mask efficacy research. https://youtu.be/mT4Di9IeY-k
    4. Shared power point showing that the majority of at-school Covid-19 Delta variant transmissions are occurring in the classroom.
    5. Austin-Travis County is in Stage 5 of Covid-19 risk-based guidelines. Currently 68% of Travis County is fully vaccinated as of September 14, 2021. Almost all hospitalized with Covid are not vaccinated. 
    6. To protect the most vulnerable population e.g. children under the age of 12: choose to get the vaccine, wear masks, maintain physical distance, practice good hygiene, stay at home if you are ill, and get tested if you suspect exposure.
    7. Encouraged community to get flu shot as soon as possible.
    8. Actionable discussion topics included Lorie Killian’s info regarding targeted testing and vaccination opportunities, Emmylou Rivera’s inquiry about strategies for personal protection at lunchtime, and Nyci Sephus’ offer to share hygiene strategies for Pre-K and Kindergarten-age students at a future meeting.


    III. Review of Minutes from May 11, 2021

    1. Lorie Killian requested a motion to approve the May 11, 2021 minutes. Staci Patterson’s motion was seconded by Cristina Garcia.


    1. Election of PfISD SHAC Chair
    2. Charlie Torres called for SHAC Chair nominations. Emmylou Rivera was approved as the Chair for the term beginning September 2021 and ending July 2023.


    1. Update from Catalina Berry, Community Impact Director, American Heart Association
    2. Follow-up to the May 11, 2021 presentation on vaping.
    3. Building Community Support: addressing Youth E-Cigarette Use and Vaping in Schools Power point can be viewed here https://www2.heart.org/site/DocServer/Building_Community_Support_AHA-AASA_Vaping_Toolkit.pdf
    1. Tobacco Free School District Policy including non-exclusionary disciplinary practiceshttps://www2.heart.org/site/SPageNavigator/ahc_resources_vaping_educators.html
    2. Actionable discussion topics included Lorie Killian’s proposal to share Toolkits’ insertion points with Denise Kablaitis, Executive Director of Health, Safety, Crisis and Emergency Management.


    1. Effects of Covid 19 on Children- Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Coordinator of Social Work Services, PfISD
    2. Returning students are presenting with increased anxiety levels associated with family dynamics, grief and loss, and adjustment to new environments.
    3. In response, the school community is primed to provide the following interventions and resources: anxiety regulation strategies, coping skill elevation, trigger identification, teacher-driven stress management in-class activities, FAST Pass for students to visit with social workers and counselors, and peer-to-peer advocacy training, relevant APPS, and webpage upgrades.
    4. Social Work Department will collaborate with area coaches and share resources provided by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Visit https://namitexas.org/education-schools/ for information.
    5. PfISD has hired a Social Emotional Learning Specialist with the goal of providing aligned resources and activities across all levels of campus life.
    6. Actionable discussion topics highlighted the ongoing partnership with The Pfoundation and its support of our students who have experienced loss of housing. Tina Felan urged Vicky Esparza-Gregory to follow up to meet critical student needs.


    VII. Recognition of Charlie Torres’ valuable service as SHAC Chair for the past two terms. Charlie Torres will continue with SHAC as the SHAC Chair advisor.


    Meeting adjourned at 7:24

    Next SHAC  Meeting: November 9, 2021 at 6 pm


    *ZOOM attendees: Angel Toscano, Aryan, Catalina Berry, Charlie Torres, Cristina Garcia, Christina Mendoza, Desmar Walkes, Docia Craft, Enas Abuzwida, Emmylou Rivera, Geoff Holle, Kimberly Holiday, Kristi Parks, Lorie Killian, Mary Katherine Crowley, Melissa Malinowski, Nyci Sephus, Pooja Navadiya, Rachel Sides, Staci Paterson, Tina Marie Felan, Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Neha Jain, Vu Dang, Uzma, Crystal Montelongo, Dan, Jim Lacy, and Nadia Rutayisire. Total attendees 29.


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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: March 9

    Posted by SHAC on 3/9/2021

    Meeting called to order by Charlie Torres at 6.17 pm.
    Present via Zoom: Samantha Supernaw, Charlie Torres, Pamela Palmer, Nadia Rutayisire, Emylou Rivera, Cristina Garcia, Geoff Holle, Mary Katharine Crowley (dietician at Aramark), Docia Craft
    Charlie - Welcome
    Pam (Health Services)
    1.     Hoping to resume in-person meetings next year; will reserve board room now. That will hopefully get us better attendance.
    2.     It is challenging to get substitute teachers; might be better once more teachers are vaccinated.
    1.     Nominations for Chair next year
    a.     Interested parties cannot be on nomination committee
    2.     Newsletter – need more exposure on FB page
    a.     Pam suggests doing newsletter 2x per year: in August, before September meeting, and in January, before January meeting
    b.     Has to be in the form of a flier with summary of what SHAC is
    c.     Hoping to attract more people
    d.     Put in future agenda if possible
    e.     Need 2 or 3 people to work on newsletter. Docia and Emmylou volunteered to be part of newsletter committee. Need someone to head committee.
    f.      Use PFISD district marketing department.
    g.     Food might attract some people.
    h.     SHAC report for May School Board meeting
    1.     Survey on issues that are important to current members
    1.     Flier/newsletter needs to include: what does SHAC do?
    2.     Market SHAC to parents and the local community
    1.     Promote SHAC to on campuses similar to PTA promotion at registration, etc.
    2.     Going on sabbatical next year; will not be in Health Services Coordinator role at PfISD next year.
    3.   SHAC meeting information is difficult to find on the district website.  Link is under the SHAC tab of health services.  There is no meeting information on the district calendar.
    We need a marketing committee for SHAC: FB, newsletter
    a.     Charlie will send an email to find any volunteers
    Charlie - Playground safety
    1.     Distance from road and speed limits
    2.     Pam: there’s currently 6ft fencing around all playgrounds.  The district is in the process of installing 6ft fencing around all campuses and large blocks on some campuses to protect students and staff from cars.
    3.     Making sure kids can’t open gates or jump
    a.     Docia – playgrounds are supposed to be available to public. How can that be done if they’re supposed to be locked at end of day?
    Pam - COVID-19 cases
    1.     There was a drop-in cases and positive contacts and then a slight increase after 2/26/21, possibly because of the freeze
    2.     COVID testing is being offered on all campuses.  Testing available to all staff and students of PfISD.
    a.     Expectation is for nurses to offer testing at least 1 day a week on campus
    Pam - COVID-19 vaccines
    1.     Offered to all teachers and staff by APH.  District is coordinating with APH to assist with vaccine scheduling.
    2.     Fully vaccinated – no need to self-quarantine for first 90 days after close contact  no shortage of staff
    3.     Per CDC, small groups of fully vaccinated individuals can get together without masks.  District policy has not changed regarding staff expectations related to wearing masks and physical distancing on campuses.
    4.     There have been no changes to district COVID protocol
    5.     Challenges in vaccinating everyone: limited supply and storage challenge; scheduling problem due to expected side effects.
    Triennial assessment report – due June 2021
    1.     Pam and Geoff will collaborate on this
    Next meeting: May 11, 2021. Once again, let’s each try to invite a community member to the meeting.
    Meeting closed at 7.25 pm.

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