• SHAC Meeting Minutes: Jan. 11, 2022

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 1/20/2022 3:00:00 PM


    1. Call to order and remarks by Emmylou Rivera at 6:03 p.m.
      1. Meeting is audio recorded.
      2. Reminder to send your Open Meetings training certificate to: shac@pfisd.net
      3. Reminder that the maximum number of meetings that can be missed is 2 per year as per the SHAC bylaws.
      4. In attendance: Emmylou Rivera, Nadia Rutayisire, Samantha Supernaw, Charlie Torres, Lorie Killian (District Health Services), Allison Martino, Ralph Hoard III (PFISD Wellness Coordinator), Cristina Mendoza (TX STAR), Geoff Holle, Corbin Black, Cristina Garcia (Austin Public Health), Ed Tydings, Kallie Gettinger, Alanna Janssens and Luke Ortega Luper. (15 members)
    2. Approval of Minutes from 11/09/2021 – Motion by Ed Hastings and seconded by Lorie Killian. Motion carried.
    3. Preventing tobacco use in children – Lorie Killian
      1. All PfISD schools are tobacco and vape-free zones. Students go over dangers of tobacco in health classes and are taught about smoking and carcinogens in 4th grade during CACH (state mandated wellness program taught in grades K to 8). CACH = Coordinated Approach to Child Health.
      2. Red ribbon week to remember dangers of smoking and drugs.
      3. Social workers offer emotional counseling for kids wanting to quit but fearing peer pressure. Kallie Gettinger is the new social worker appointed to PfISD.
    4. Update from American Heart Association – Allison Martino
      1. PowerPoint presentation: Kid Heart Challenge
        1. Elementary student program: Kids Heart Challenge contains up to four weeks of daily activities to bring physical health and social emotional lessons to students and their families through a parent-update email series.
        2. Kids are taught to be kind, drink water and not do vaping or tobacco
        3. QR code to show kids how heart, brain, and lungs work
        4. Get parents involved: 76% of district parents use program
        5. Every school that’s involved gets website access with a multitude of resources
        6. 1 out of 2 teens have experienced social/emotional problems  introduce coping tools to kids
      2. Questions and Discussion
        1. What support and/or training are teachers who struggle with stress and anxiety receiving? What support is being provided for students? – Charlie Torres
          1. Per Kallie Gettinger, there is currently a program in place that helps create a new culture of acceptance and understanding. Everyone has experienced trauma and we need to treat children and adults with that in mind. Trauma does not necessarily equate into something like death, it could be as simple as stress, job loss, etc.
          2. Per Kallie Gettinger, Trauma-identified schools have received the full program. All other schools have gotten an introductory program. Within 3 years, every school will have full program.
          3. Samantha Supernaw: EAP (Employee Assistance Program) offers support to PfISD staff through their Benefits app for free.


    Adjourn         Meeting adjourned at 6.45 p.m.

    Minutes prepared by: Nadia Rutayisire

    Next Meeting: March 8, 2022  from 6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Nov. 9, 2021

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 1/20/2022 7:00:00 AM


    1. Meeting called to order at 6:04 p.m. by Emmylou Rivera.
      1. Starting today, all meetings will be audio recorded.
      2. Attendees: Nadia Rutayisire, Lorie Killian, Cristina Mendoza, Emmylou Rivera, Mael, Camellia, Charlie Torres, Corbin Black, Cristina Garcia, Denise Petherbridge, Docia Craft, Ed Tydings, Geoff Holle, Kyleigh Braun, Monicole Brown, Ralph Hoard III, Samantha Supernaw, Shawn, Shelley Pruett. Total of 19 attendees.
    2. Introductions / Welcome New and Existing Members
    3. Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes started by Ed Tydings and seconded by Charlie Torres.
    4. Legislative session updates
      1. SHAC members need to complete Open Meetings training (1 hr). Emmylou will send info by email to all members.
      2. Powerpoint presentation to be sent after meeting.
      3. Before start of each school year, district must inform parents about their option to opt out of human sexuality curriculum. Informed consent needs to be on paper.
    5. Review of SHAC bylaws
      1. SHAC meeting minutes to be sent to advisory board within 10 days of meeting.
    6. Request updated contact information
      1. If new member, send your name and email to the SHAC (shac@pfisd.net).
    7. American Heart Association presentation - Catalina Berry
      1. Catalina was unavailable today.
      2. Denise Petherbridge - All PFISD schools are tobacco and vape-free zones. Students go over dangers of tobacco in health classes and are taught about smoking and carcinogens in 4th grade during CACH (state mandated wellness program taught in grades K to 8). CACH = Coordinated Approach to Child Health.
      3. Charlie Torres - Red ribbon week to remember dangers of smoking and drugs.
      4. Emmylou Rivera - Emotional counseling for kids wanting to quit but fearing peer pressure. Per Samantha, kids can reach out to their teachers for help.
      5. Samantha Supernaw - Prevalence of smoking in the U.S. increased during COVID.
      6. Create new agenda item for next meeting: what is being done about smoking and vaping prevention? If any suggestions for new topics, email SHAC.
    8. COVID 19 updates- Lorie Killian
      1. COVID cases going down
      2. Vaccines available for staff, students and their families
      3. Continuing mitigation solutions (mask wearing, social distancing, hand hygiene)
      4. Partnership w/ Austin Public Health to establish shot clinics before Xmas
      5. Water bottles/cups available at all campuses; water stations throughout school

    Adjourn at 6:52 p.m.

    Minutes prepared by: Nadia Rutayisire

    Next Meeting Jan. 11, 2022

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Sept. 14

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 11/4/2021 10:00:00 AM

    September 14, 2021


    Meeting called to order at 6:06 pm by Charlie Torres.


    1. Welcome- Chairperson Charlie Torres welcomed the following:
    2. ZOOM attendees* and requested updated contact information.
    3. Lorie Killian, PfISD’s Lead Nurse, was introduced as acting School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) Liaison.
    4. Tina Felan, Pflugerville Education Foundation Executive Director, provided an overview of The Pfoundation’s recent activities and upcoming events. For more information visit http://www.thepfoundation.org/about/staff/.


    1. Introductions- Desmar Walkes, M.D., Medical Director/Health Authority for the City of Austin/Travis County
    2. Provided synopsis of Covid-19 most recent surge with the spotlight on increased pediatric hospital admissions. 133 pediatric cases since July 1, 2021 including 47 ICU admissions and 3 deaths.
    3. Presented Florida Atlantic University’s mask efficacy research. https://youtu.be/mT4Di9IeY-k
    4. Shared power point showing that the majority of at-school Covid-19 Delta variant transmissions are occurring in the classroom.
    5. Austin-Travis County is in Stage 5 of Covid-19 risk-based guidelines. Currently 68% of Travis County is fully vaccinated as of September 14, 2021. Almost all hospitalized with Covid are not vaccinated. 
    6. To protect the most vulnerable population e.g. children under the age of 12: choose to get the vaccine, wear masks, maintain physical distance, practice good hygiene, stay at home if you are ill, and get tested if you suspect exposure.
    7. Encouraged community to get flu shot as soon as possible.
    8. Actionable discussion topics included Lorie Killian’s info regarding targeted testing and vaccination opportunities, Emmylou Rivera’s inquiry about strategies for personal protection at lunchtime, and Nyci Sephus’ offer to share hygiene strategies for Pre-K and Kindergarten-age students at a future meeting.


    III. Review of Minutes from May 11, 2021

    1. Lorie Killian requested a motion to approve the May 11, 2021 minutes. Staci Patterson’s motion was seconded by Cristina Garcia.


    1. Election of PfISD SHAC Chair
    2. Charlie Torres called for SHAC Chair nominations. Emmylou Rivera was approved as the Chair for the term beginning September 2021 and ending July 2023.


    1. Update from Catalina Berry, Community Impact Director, American Heart Association
    2. Follow-up to the May 11, 2021 presentation on vaping.
    3. Building Community Support: addressing Youth E-Cigarette Use and Vaping in Schools Power point can be viewed here https://www2.heart.org/site/DocServer/Building_Community_Support_AHA-AASA_Vaping_Toolkit.pdf
    1. Tobacco Free School District Policy including non-exclusionary disciplinary practiceshttps://www2.heart.org/site/SPageNavigator/ahc_resources_vaping_educators.html
    2. Actionable discussion topics included Lorie Killian’s proposal to share Toolkits’ insertion points with Denise Kablaitis, Executive Director of Health, Safety, Crisis and Emergency Management.


    1. Effects of Covid 19 on Children- Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Coordinator of Social Work Services, PfISD
    2. Returning students are presenting with increased anxiety levels associated with family dynamics, grief and loss, and adjustment to new environments.
    3. In response, the school community is primed to provide the following interventions and resources: anxiety regulation strategies, coping skill elevation, trigger identification, teacher-driven stress management in-class activities, FAST Pass for students to visit with social workers and counselors, and peer-to-peer advocacy training, relevant APPS, and webpage upgrades.
    4. Social Work Department will collaborate with area coaches and share resources provided by National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Visit https://namitexas.org/education-schools/ for information.
    5. PfISD has hired a Social Emotional Learning Specialist with the goal of providing aligned resources and activities across all levels of campus life.
    6. Actionable discussion topics highlighted the ongoing partnership with The Pfoundation and its support of our students who have experienced loss of housing. Tina Felan urged Vicky Esparza-Gregory to follow up to meet critical student needs.


    VII. Recognition of Charlie Torres’ valuable service as SHAC Chair for the past two terms. Charlie Torres will continue with SHAC as the SHAC Chair advisor.


    Meeting adjourned at 7:24

    Next SHAC  Meeting: November 9, 2021 at 6 pm


    *ZOOM attendees: Angel Toscano, Aryan, Catalina Berry, Charlie Torres, Cristina Garcia, Christina Mendoza, Desmar Walkes, Docia Craft, Enas Abuzwida, Emmylou Rivera, Geoff Holle, Kimberly Holiday, Kristi Parks, Lorie Killian, Mary Katherine Crowley, Melissa Malinowski, Nyci Sephus, Pooja Navadiya, Rachel Sides, Staci Paterson, Tina Marie Felan, Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Neha Jain, Vu Dang, Uzma, Crystal Montelongo, Dan, Jim Lacy, and Nadia Rutayisire. Total attendees 29.


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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: March 9

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 6/16/2021

    Meeting called to order by Charlie Torres at 6.17 pm.
    Present via Zoom: Samantha Supernaw, Charlie Torres, Pamela Palmer, Nadia Rutayisire, Emylou Rivera, Cristina Garcia, Geoff Holle, Mary Katharine Crowley (dietician at Aramark), Docia Craft
    Charlie - Welcome
    Pam (Health Services)
    1.     Hoping to resume in-person meetings next year; will reserve board room now. That will hopefully get us better attendance.
    2.     It is challenging to get substitute teachers; might be better once more teachers are vaccinated.
    1.     Nominations for Chair next year
    a.     Interested parties cannot be on nomination committee
    2.     Newsletter – need more exposure on FB page
    a.     Pam suggests doing newsletter 2x per year: in August, before September meeting, and in January, before January meeting
    b.     Has to be in the form of a flier with summary of what SHAC is
    c.     Hoping to attract more people
    d.     Put in future agenda if possible
    e.     Need 2 or 3 people to work on newsletter. Docia and Emmylou volunteered to be part of newsletter committee. Need someone to head committee.
    f.      Use PFISD district marketing department.
    g.     Food might attract some people.
    h.     SHAC report for May School Board meeting
    1.     Survey on issues that are important to current members
    1.     Flier/newsletter needs to include: what does SHAC do?
    2.     Market SHAC to parents and the local community
    1.     Promote SHAC to on campuses similar to PTA promotion at registration, etc.
    2.     Going on sabbatical next year; will not be in Health Services Coordinator role at PfISD next year.
    3.   SHAC meeting information is difficult to find on the district website.  Link is under the SHAC tab of health services.  There is no meeting information on the district calendar.
    We need a marketing committee for SHAC: FB, newsletter
    a.     Charlie will send an email to find any volunteers
    Charlie - Playground safety
    1.     Distance from road and speed limits
    2.     Pam: there’s currently 6ft fencing around all playgrounds.  The district is in the process of installing 6ft fencing around all campuses and large blocks on some campuses to protect students and staff from cars.
    3.     Making sure kids can’t open gates or jump
    a.     Docia – playgrounds are supposed to be available to public. How can that be done if they’re supposed to be locked at end of day?
    Pam - COVID-19 cases
    1.     There was a drop-in cases and positive contacts and then a slight increase after 2/26/21, possibly because of the freeze
    2.     COVID testing is being offered on all campuses.  Testing available to all staff and students of PfISD.
    a.     Expectation is for nurses to offer testing at least 1 day a week on campus
    Pam - COVID-19 vaccines
    1.     Offered to all teachers and staff by APH.  District is coordinating with APH to assist with vaccine scheduling.
    2.     Fully vaccinated – no need to self-quarantine for first 90 days after close contact  no shortage of staff
    3.     Per CDC, small groups of fully vaccinated individuals can get together without masks.  District policy has not changed regarding staff expectations related to wearing masks and physical distancing on campuses.
    4.     There have been no changes to district COVID protocol
    5.     Challenges in vaccinating everyone: limited supply and storage challenge; scheduling problem due to expected side effects.
    Triennial assessment report – due June 2021
    1.     Pam and Geoff will collaborate on this
    Next meeting: May 11, 2021. Once again, let’s each try to invite a community member to the meeting.
    Meeting closed at 7.25 pm.

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Jan. 12, 2021

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 5/14/2021


    SHAC Meeting Minutes: Jan. 12, 2021

    Attendance: Samantha Supernaw, Charlie Torres, Geoff Holle, Christina Garcia, Ryan Petrie, Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Cristina Mendoza, Pamela Palmer, Nadia Rutayisire.


    Intro: Charlie Torres

    1. Meeting started at 6.06 pm via Zoom
    2. COVID during the holidays, hopefully we don’t get a huge spike in cases.
    3. Charlie retiring soon and will enjoy more volunteer time.


    Healthy snacks provided by PFISD district: Geoff Holle

    1. All snacks offered are “healthy”, USDA-approved
    2. PFISD passed 2 federal audits (spring and summer) – exceeding recommended standards
    3. Program should grow once kids return to school
    4. Cristina Garcia: any way to send message to parents of at-home-kids on what smart snacks should be? Geoff H: we can collaborate as a group to come up w/ an adequate message.
    5. Students are required to take from a selection of fruits and veggies and can take w/ them whatever food they do not finish.
    6. Samantha Supernaw: is there a plan to extend free breakfast and lunch for Title 1 students past COVID? Geoff: H District is offering up to $1,500 to schools that meet their goals for free and reduced meals. In order for schools to qualify for certain programs, 50% of the campus has to meet requirements.
    7. 5,000 meals were distributed over Thanksgiving x 5 days. 10,000 meals were distributed over Xmas. Food waste reduced by $400,000 annually thanks to new food waste control program. Still following COVID-safety protocols.


    Playground safety

    1. Denise Kablaitis was unfortunately absent at this meeting.
    2. Per Charlie, fencing still not safe at BrookHollow E.S., especially in the back part of the playground; dangerous if close to the road.
    3. Pamela will reach out to Denise and try to get some background information. Ryan is also in charge of safety.


    Student health

    1. School nurses will get offered a COVID vaccine. However, they will still need to quarantine if exposed, for the full 14 days.
      1. Moderna vaccine easier than Pfizer b/c only needs to be frozen until -20 deg C, vs -70 deg C (Pfizer).
      2. Pfizer vaccine seems to have more side effects.
    2. Teachers will not be offered a vaccine unless over 65 yrs of age or an adult w/ a chronic disease.
    3. Parents have not been pushing back against quarantine.
    4. Not seeing much flu this year, probably due to social distancing.


    District wellness policy triennial assessment report 2020

    1. Needs to be filled out by various departments inside district. Geoff H: food and nutrition. Pam will delegate to respective committees. We’ll review the document at next meeting.


    Next meeting: March 9 at 6 pm

    1. We’ll cover school playground safety, COVID student health and district wellness policy assessment report.
    2. Need to elect new Chair in May.
    3. Let’s each invite 1 or 2 people at next meeting.
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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: Nov. 10, 2020

    Posted by Marcial Guajardo on 4/6/2021

    SHAC Meeting 11/10/2020 Minutes


    Zoom meeting called to order by Charlie Torres at 6.00 pm


    Attending: Victor Valdez, Charlie Torres, Nadia Rutayisire, Deborah Reeder, Samantha Supernaw, Elizabeth Orta, Docia Craft, Pamela Palmer, Vicky Esperza-Gregory, Cristina Garcia, Emmylou Rivera and Melody Ryan. Geoff Holle from Aramark was unable to attend.


    1. Victor - broadband
      • 11500/14000 Dell computers have been received for middle and high school
      • $60,000 have been received since 5/2020
      • PFISD has requested additional funds for 9,000 extra computers, to be received by January 2021 for elementary school
      • extra 1,000 laptops for Kindergarten ordered, expected before winter session


    Getting kids connected is a problem; ordered 5,000 hot spots, deployed 1,000 so far, based on

    • no reliable internet
    • families with 4 kids or more
    • $29/mo x 10 months w/ Spectrum vs. hot spot $250 - 50 families so far
    • State of TX in process of making deals to subsidize internet services w/ internet providers
    • asking Board for funds for 500 families; moving target
    • devices provided for in-person and virtual learning, will likely be used for 3-4 years


    1. Food
      • All kids getting breakfast and lunch, both in Pflugerville and RR; funded by USDA
      • Docia would like more direction for nutritional snacks, e.g. banana/apple b/c its tricky for teachers to tell parents which snacks are good. Pam, Geoff and Charlie will think about it; Christina Garcia (dietitian) can help —> modification of go-for-more program.
      • Docia reported a problem downloading menus from PFISD website.


    1. Pam - social/managing isolation
      • contact tracing/quarantine
      • social distancing
      • communicate daily cases to Austin Public Health
      • follow criteria carefully
      • possible increase in suicide ideation due to increased stress, anxiety and loneliness
        • trauma vs. stress (Vicky) - need immediate response for students, especially high-risk
        • students tend to not access services, even though they are available (Zoom, phone calls, social workers ready and available); need teachers to let social workers know their services are needed
        • link to integral care, confidential link in email


    1. Vicky - SEL
      • trauma-informed training for teachers, importance of compliance; TEA will provide guidance.
      • SEL committee will present book on new SEL curriculum later this week.


      • 08% students receiving SPED, down 70 from same time last year; % has not changed
      • 256 students moving into district
      • government mandates have not changed after COVID - difficult to do evals virtually
        • kudos to Pam and Denise Kublaitis
        • materials going home w/ kids vs. staying at school, how to sanitize everything
      • some campuses have all students back, others only a few
        • if area is over-crowded, kids might need to wait 9 wks to receive services
      • TEACHERS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB - mixing in-person and virtual learning, lots of work, good collaboration across campuses, especially when have to quarantine full classroom and reassign students to other teachers.
      • all teachers are provided PPE (surgical or KN95 mask, face shield, gown); everyone has their own level of comfort/risk tolerance. some students push back against mask mandate; school board handles those issues.


    1. Webinar: TX Action for Healthy Kids - 9/15/2020
      • Samantha and Charlie attended
      • Not all States have SHACs (TX is lucky)
      • Important to take a whole-child approach and work with the parents
      • 50% or more of SHAC should be parents and not employees of the school
      • Start with core group of parents and get more people from PTA groups, school board members, school/district staff, students and community members
      • Encourage parents to attend at least 2 meetings per year



    Next meeting will be on Jan. 12, 2021. Have a safe end to 2020!

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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: September 2020

    Posted by Lauren Spittler on 10/15/2020 2:30:00 PM

    SHAC Meeting Minutes: September 8, 2020


    Zoom meeting called to order by Charlie Torres at 6.00 pm

    In attendance: Pamela Palmer (host), Charlie Torres, Jennifer Easterday, Samantha Supernaw, Amanda Pursch, Angel Toscano, Cristina Garcia, Cristina Mendoza, Docia Craft, Emmylou Rivera, Gina Mata, Geoff Holle and Nadia Rutayisire (13 participants).

    1. Charlie reviewed results of last election:
      • Samantha Supernaw - co-chair
      • Nadia Rutayisire - secretary
    2. Food service during pandemic - Geoff Holle
      1. Safety procedures during COVID
        • Increased cleaning procedures
        • Frequent hand washing and mandatory use of gloves by staff
        • Screening of associates prior to start of shift
      2. Food service for all enrolled PFISD students
        • All students receive free breakfast and snack, regardless of assigned campus
        • Students or parents can pick up breakfast and/or lunch at any designated curbside pick-up location (see net for more info)
        • Meals are standard price, reduced price or free, depending on student’s eligibility
        • Parents or students need to provide student’s name, grade, campus and ID number to pick up meals
        • Pick-up times: 7 am to 9 am M-F and 11 am to noon M-F. No more week-end meals.
        • Monthly meal menus available on net
      3. Social, managing student/staff isolation - Pamela Palmer
        1. Increased precautions during COVID
          • Precautions to keep kids, staff and community safe (e.g. escort kids to pts’ cars, meet parents in foyer, mandatory mask wearing for all)
          • Balance family needs/kids best ability to learn w/ community safety
          • Following Austin Public Health and CDC guidelines to reduce community spread
          • Staff will self-monitor for symptoms
        2. Isolation procedures
          • Send kids home if sore throat or headache without fever
          • Known exposure to COVID-positive case >> automatic out/self-quarantine for 14 days
          • Students or staff who are presumed to be COVID-positive are required to self-isolate for 10 days from onset of symptoms and be fever-free x 24 hrs and asymptomatic before returning to campus.
          • Cough/respiratory symptoms — self-quarantine, automatic out x 14 days
        3. Other considerations due to COVID
          • Use visual cues to assess kids so can keep social distancing
          • Kids symptoms are different than adults >> look for abnormal behavior
          • PFISD is not hiring any screeners at this time but City of Austin still dictates mandatory vision and hearing screenings.
        4. Questions/comments
          • Docia: parents want to know if everything will be over in next 9 wks. Everyone is tired of being in a pandemic. Special challenge of teaching physical education virtually.
          • Charlie: most likely, virus will stay but hopefully we’ll be able to ease precautions by November.
          • COVID level 3 vs 2: Austin at stage 3 but Austin Public Health recommends precautions of stage 4
          • Pam - contact specific department w/ questions concerning COVID
          • Pam: schools are considering giving flu shots to kids
          • Samantha: flu vaccine available at pharmacies but not doctor offices.
          • Flu runs from October to May



    1. Closing remarks
    1. Charlie: technology for broadband internet services will be covered at next meeting. Don’t forget to register for September 15 webinar: SHAC 101 - Texas Healthy Kids. Instructions on how to register can be found in Charlie’s previous email.
    2. Docia: “teachers are awesome”



    Meeting adjourned at 6.50 pm.

    Next meeting: November 10th at 6 pm.

    Further instructions will be sent closer to that date as to location of said meeting. Stay safe!


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  • SHAC Meeting Minutes: May 2020

    Posted by Lauren Spittler on 10/15/2020 2:20:00 PM

    SHAC Meeting Minutes: May 12, 2020 


     May 12, 2020 - 6pm-7:30pm  Zoom meeting 


    I.  Welcome- Charlie Torres

                In the meeting:

    Charlie Torres, Nadia Rutayisire, Samantha Supernaw, Christina Mendoza, Andrea Menotti-Willis, Vicky Esparza-Gregory, Cari Buetow, Deena Bosier, Docia Craft, Geoff Holle, Melody Ryan, Shelby Carr, Denise Kablaitis, Angel Toscano, and Pamela Palmer.


    II.  Introductions- New members for 2020-2021 School year

                Shelby Carr, Cari Buetow, and Gabriela Puga Sedillo, Welcome to our new members.


    III.  Geoff Holle- Taking care of our students during pandemic

    Last time we met we were in the middle of an audit. Over 10,000 meals served and only one minor issue.

    Secured a multi-tier game plan to feed students and families during the crisis after spring break. We almost got to every site that was qualified. Offering meals for students 18 and under. We are feeding students at 10 locations. 11,000 meals a day. 7 days a week. Fridays we offer weekend meals. Any student under age 18 gets these meals. Breakfast lunch and supper. All meals are free to students. Partnered with district to pass out curriculum with the meals. Thursday they were able to pass out toilet paper. St. David’s donated 2000 tooth brush kits. Raised over 20,000 dollars for COVID-19 related costs and needs in the community. Several grants have come through have been written, have secured $25,000. 


    IV.  Review Recess Policy recommendation from March meeting

        Please review. We will discuss what will be presented to the board of trustees.

    Recess: The District defines recess as unstructured but teacher-monitored play of at least 30 20 consecutive minutes or two non-consecutive 15 ten-minute segments, where moderate to vigorous physical activity is exhibited by students. Daily recess shall be required for elementary schools (prekindergarten–grade 5), and students shall not be withheld from recess or physical activity breaks. Recess or physical activity breaks shall be opposite of “special areas” in terms of morning and afternoon blocks. If the split option for recess (two non-consecutive 15 ten-minute segments) is chosen for kindergarten, grade 1, or grade 2, this requirement shall not apply.

    Physical Activity: The District requires daily physical activity through physical education, recess, or other physical activity breaks. The District shall not permit discourages the use of physical activity and/or the denial of physical education class, recess, or other physical activity breaks for punitive reasons or for punishment as a result of poor choices or inappropriate behavior, including for incomplete assignments and other academic-related items.

    Dena stated, this is what we were wanting. After the school board passes it, this does not mean schools have to comply right away. We would need to monitor and check to make sure they transition to do it within the year.

    Does TEA permit the denial of physical activity? TEA gives guidelines for entire district, and district puts into place. TASB helps right the policy.

    Melody asked if there were any issue with teachers denying recess and if that is the need to change the recess policy. The terminology is to discourage denying recess as punishment and we want to make sure it was not denied. They could not take away their recess time for punishment.

    Deena stated the curriculum is in place and the directors know of the changes as well as the PE teachers. We get past the elementary level and then we can look at the middle schools.

    Charlie stated that we need to create a sub-committee to help with physical activity policy at Middle Schools after the elementary.

    We have a consensus for changes to be presented to the board. Deena can run with it to the board for approval.

     V.  Vicky Esparza-Gregory-Counseling & Social Services during pandemic

    At the beginning of COVID, one of the main issues was how the team was going to support families already struggling with basic needs. Reached out to 211 hotline, they were revamping with United Way to ensure community agencies updated their current services. School district supported Social Workers (SW) by providing Zoom with a HIPAA compliant feature. The number of referrals for SW services increased our ability to be able to talk to people confidentially. Integral care increased access to school-based health services. They offered the ability for their therapists who are seeing students through virtual Tele-Health help. Social work and counseling team collaborating to reach out to students. We are seeing families who have been impacted by COVID, so we feel those numbers are going to increase. We are thankful for the resources to contact our families.

    Pflugerville Education Foundation raised funds to provide additional support for families.  Gift cards have been distributed.

    Question: The mentor program at Park Crest had to be put on hold with school closures. Is this something that the district will be addressing for those students that no longer have a mentor? Could you speak to the Seedling program, they are sending emails to contact a person at the campus; who forwards the message to the student.


    Is there help for lower income families that do not have access to internet? Social Workers followed the district process, if families could not connect or obtain the form, Social Workers helped fill out forms for technology needs.


    Pflugerville Library is now offering wireless internet at their entire parking lot. ATT, via com are offering free internet for 2 months with lower income students all the way to college.


    V.I.  Agenda topics for 2020- 2021 SHAC meetings

    1. Eating a healthy diet high in fruit, vegetables and whole grains and low in red 

          meat and saturated fats and sugar.

        2. Getting Plenty of sleep

    3. Doing at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day (walk, ride a bike, jogging)

    4. Fencing at elementary playgrounds (security concerns)

    Cari Buetow would like submit a statement to be entered into the record.

    Denise stated there should be a 6 ft chain link around the whole playground with 2018 safety bond.

    There will also be other updates to make playground more inclusive. Most fencing projects will be happening this summer.


    Shelby will reach out to Charlie for future discussion of some concerns. 


    Other topics-

    Samantha- at our first meeting we had new stuff we were supposed to do from the state at SHAC, we talked about them. One was about putting information in the schools about opioid addiction, It had to do with putting information at schools about e-cigarettes. Also to facilitated different things. Things to adapt as per the state laws, like focusing on diabetes, cardiovascular health or other illnesses like that. We discussed it in first SHAC meeting, we got educated, but that was all.

    Deena stated through health classes they currently teach, but do not have Health teachers. State does not require health but PFISD does have.


    Deena stated Health classes in the district for K through 7h falls on home room teachers, they were responsible to teach through some health topics. Some through science classes. We need to discuss how we can roll this out because PE teachers cannot do it all.


    Pam – We are still waiting on guidelines from TEA re: curriculum before proceeding with discussion of recommendations to the board re: those topics.


    V.II  2019-2020 SHAC Report for Board of Trustees


    VIII.  Election of Secretary and Co-Chair (two year term) Term begins August 1

    Charlie would like to see if we have anyone who would be interested in these two positions.

    Melody agrees if someone is interested in a position they can go for it.

    Pamela- If we have a couple of people who are interested we could have election tonight.

    Charlie - We have not got any responses for secretary. Do we have anyone planning on not being on the SHAC for the next school year.? If we have nominations later we can do a vote afterwards, we do not need to do a vote tonight if we don’t have nominations for the two positions.

    Denise stated that we can send out nominees for the two positions afterwards under google form or survey monkey. Just need to have a majority to vote in new executive board.

    Samantha agrees that we can send out a form later.

    Form will be sent out to Denise Kablaitis


    Nominations for Co-chair is: Nadia Rutayisire and Samantha Supernaw.

    Nominations for secretary currently no one. Angel cannot run another term due to bylaws stating only 2 terms back to back.


    Charlie will see if there are any more nominations. Anyone interested should reach out to Charlie. Will give a week for any new nominations. Then a form, if needed, will be sent out to vote on nominees.

    End of meeting 7:38pm


    Meetings for school year 2020-2021: At PfISD boardroom: 6:00-7:30pm 

    September Meetings for school year 2020-2021: At PfISD boardroom: 6:00-7:30pm 

    September 8, 2020  

    November 10, 2020 

    January 12, 2021  

    March 9, 2021    

    May 11, 2021



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