Payroll Information

    Direct deposit requests can be submitted to the Payroll Department.  The direct deposit form can be found in Payroll > Payroll Forms via the intranet.  Documentation confirming bank information is required to complete your request.  You may split your direct deposit into two separate accounts. An exact amount to be deposited is required on the secondary account.
    Your first pay check may not be via direct deposit; a check will be mailed to your address that we have on file.
    All payroll related information can be retrieved through the Employee Access Center.  View Leave balances, Paycheck History and other payroll related information; Print Paycheck Stub or W-2.
    Previous year W-2 forms are available through Employee Access Center, no later than January 31st every year.
    Employee numbers (e8#####) are given out during New Hire Orientation. If you have misplaced this number, here are a couple of options:
    • Open your Address Book within Outlook. Search for your name and your employee number is at the far column titled “Alias”; or
    • Contact Human Resources or Payroll and ask for your employee number.
    Teachers who complete their 187-day service calendar, and resign on the last day of instruction, will receive their last pay in July. For questions regarding Benefits, please contact the Benefits Department.

    Use of leave is available for the employee’s use after hire. If an employee leaves the district before the end of the work year, the cost of any unearned leave days already taken shall be deducted from the employee’s final paycheck. See the Leaves and Absences section of the Employee Handbook for detailed information on the types of leave and policies on leave usage.
    1. Contact the Teacher Retirement System and request a retirement packet. Some forms you will complete and other forms the Payroll department will complete for you. Forward the TRS 7 form to the payroll supervisor’s attention. Include your name, social security number and retirement date.

    2. Submit a resignation letter to your Supervisor.

    3. Begin the exit process through the online Employee Management System. Your supervisor will complete your exit process through the same system and forward your resignation letter to the Human Resources department.

    4. If you retire before the end of your service calendar, a final check may process the month following your resignation date. (Example: you retire on April 25; your final check will be May).

    5. If you are retiring at the end of your service calendar, (visit the Employee Service Calendar webpage to learn when is your last service day). Email the Payroll office to see when you will receive your last paycheck and the Benefits office for end of benefits.
    Service records, years of experience and pay steps are managed through our Human Resources Position Management team. If you suspect that your service record and salary do you match, you may contact HR to request an audit of your years' experience.
    W-4 / W-2 TAX FORMS
    W-4 forms are available in the Payroll office or can be downloaded from the IRS website at in the Forms & Instructions tab.
    W-2 forms are available through Employee Access Center no later than January 31st.  If you have moved and/or left the district, complete a Change of Information form and submit to the Human Resources department. Updating your address before the end of December ensures your W-2 form will arrive to the correct destination and on time.