• PreK Curriculum Team

    Special recognition to the 2021-2022 Prekindergarten Curriculum Team members: 

    Stacey Whooley, Erin Hatfield, Kerri Ruiz, Cindy Craigie, Kimberly Ramirez, Gwendolyn Gibbons, Bridgette Arnold, Brenda Yturralde, Martha Gonzalez, Anna Rendon, Rachael Haire, Amy Swetnam, Maria Sanchez, Jessica Molina, Omar Medina-Muniz, Janie Rodriguez, Sarah Rendon, Sandra Thompson, Katie Korte, Sarah Henderson, Julie Schwarz and Charlotte Zemo.



    Our Pre-K Team with the support of certified teachers and instructional coaches write our Pre-K curriculum to meet the needs of all our students in Pflugerville ISD. We align our curriculum to Texas pre-kindergarten guidelines and use the resources listed below to enhance our unit maps. Our high-quality Pre-K curriculum and centers make our students’ experiences fun and engaging through play.

    Feel free to explore our new Pre-K resources below:

    Frog Street Curriculum digital sampler

    Frog Street Pre-K curriculum tour guide

    Frog Street Pre-K resources 

    Learning Without Tears

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Daily Schedules: Pre-K

  • Sample Daily Schedule: 4-year-olds

  • Sample Daily Schedule: 3-year-olds (mornings)

  • Sample Daily Schedule: 3-year-olds (afternoon)