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    Spanish Dual Language Program

    Bilingual Education Programs are designed to allow English language learners who share a common home language to access the State’s general curriculum and improve their proficiency of both English and their native language. Pflugerville Independent School District has implemented a Dual Language program model to address the instructional needs of English Language Learners. 

    Dual Language Programs can be implemented through One-Way and Two-Way models. One-way programs consist of native Spanish speakers only. They are all collectively learning English, one way: from Spanish to English. Two-way programs consist of both native Spanish speakers and native English speakers.  Both groups are learning a second language, two ways: from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

    There are 11 bilingual campuses in Pflugerville ISD with One-Way Dual Language Programs for English Language Learners in PK-5. The campuses are Ruth Barron, Caldwell, Copperfield, Wilhelmina Delco, Dessau, Highland Park, Parmer Lane, Pflugerville Elementary, Riojas, River Oaks and Spring Hill elementary schools.   

    Two-Way Programs are provided at Ruth Barron, Caldwell, Highland Park and Riojas elementary schools.

    Dual Language Framework 1-Way 

    Dual Language Framework 2-Way