• PfISD Vietnamese Bilingual Program Philosophy


    The PfISD Vietnamese Bilingual Language Program promotes oral language development, and biculturalism for participating students. The program is committed to educate our students in a multicultural environment that accelerates learning and honors students’ cultural heritage.


    The PfISD Vietnamese bilingual program serves students identified as English Language Learners in both English and Vietnamese, and transfers the students to English-only instruction. Academic growth is accelerated through cognitively academic support in the student's first language along with meaningful academic content taught through the student's second language, English. The goal is to promote high levels of academic achievement, oral language development in the student's first language, and full English language and academic proficiency.


    Vietnamese Program Goals:

    • Perform at high levels of academic achievement in all domains of content knowledge and skills

    • Develop oral proficiency in Vietnamese

    • Develop high levels of proficiency in English

    • Develop biculturalism

    • Develop  parent outreach capacity

    Framework: Instructional Design:


    All the students in the Vietnamese Bilingual Program will receive English instruction in all the content areas and are instructed in Vietnamese as well as English in the area of language arts. The Vietnamese Bilingual Program is available at Wieland Elementary.

        Vietnamese Bilingual Program Framework