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    New Student Registration Process - Students MUST LIVE in the Pflugerville District 
                               New Student Registration Monday - Friday 8:15 - 10:30 AM. For more information call 512-594-0825
    Students who are new to Pflugerville ISD OR who are returning from another district will need to complete the new student registration process.
                         Please provide the following information at registration: 
    *Student's birth certificate
    *Student's social security card
    *Parent or guardian's photo identification
    *Student's latest report card or transcript
             Incoming 9th graders must provide a report card indication promotion to the 9th grade. A transcript is the preferred
              document for 10th, 11th, and 12th graders. The transcript aides in proper class selection for graduation.
    *STAAR Results 
    *Up to date immunization records as listed on the PFISD website.
    *Proof of residency (see chart below for requirements). 
    *If your student receives Special Education services, you will need to schedule a temporary ARD meeting and provide ARD paper documentation. If your student receives 504 services, please provide documentation of accommodations.
    Proof of Residency - All applicants must submit at least one document from each of the three columns.
    Column A  Column B  Column C
    *Mortgage statement from the last 60 days.
    *Lease from the last 60 days.
    *Legal affidavit regarding sublease.
    *Legal affidavit from landlord affirming tenancy,
    *Temporary Residence Affidavit with updated driver's license submitted within 35 days.
    *Tax Property Statement 
    *A utility bill or work order dated within the past 60 days:
         -water bill 
         -gas bill
         -electric bill
         -utility work      
          order (for new residents) 
    *We do not accept cell phone or cable bills. Termination notices are not accepted.
    *If a family is sharing housing with an individual/family member and does not pay rent under Temporary Residency, the family shall submit a utility bill in the name of the person who owns or leases the property. 
    *Valid Texas driver's license - address matches other documents.
    *Valid Texas driver's license - address does not match other documents.
    *Valid Texas photo identification.
    If the person registering the student is NOT the parent of the student, we must have a copy of the legal documentation giving that person guardianship from the courts. If that person does not have legal documentation and that person will be the guardian during their attendance at Connally High School, that person will need to go to the administration building to obtain the proper paperwork. See chart above for additional residency requirements.