• Given the recent decision by the Texas Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit filed by more than 600 school districts (including PfISD), which asked for a re-examination of the existing public school funding formula, it is more critical than ever that our district clearly state its position concerning selected legislative issues for the 85th Legislative Session in 2017. These issues range from the overarching financing structure to more specific issues such as transportation reimbursement.

    Fast-growth districts like PfISD enroll the bulk of the students who are moving with their families to Texas in droves. In the past, the state helped districts fund the impact of this business-friendly environment. There was money to help local communities offset the cost of new building debt, furniture, equipment and so forth. However, as stated in our lawsuit, the funding system is unfair and irrational, as some districts received more funding per student than others due to a locked-in formulas determined many years ago.

    While PfISD is managing to do more with less, but without an adequate funding formula from the state, our schools will suffer. What could that look like? It will take the form of bigger class sizes and reduced funding for programs that make a difference in our students’ lives. It means difficult decisions in the face of dwindling resources.

    Inside you will find a listing of issues that PfISD believes is important and due for legislative change, as well as the impact these issues have on PfISD and its students. This includes: 

    1. Finance
    2. Accountability 

    Pflugerville ISD's 2017 Legislative Priorities (PDF)