• D - Personnel
    Procedure Procedure Title
    DAA Equal Employment Opportunity
    DC Employment Practices
    DC-1 Employment Practices: Assistant Principal Selection Process
    DCD Employment Practices: At-Will Employment
    DEAA Compensation and Benefits/Bilingual Stipends
    DEC Leaves and Absences
    DEC (Exhibit 1) Emergency Leave Request Form - Medical
    DEC (Exhibit 2) Emergency Leave Request Form - Other than Medical
    DEE Expense Reimbursement for Travel
    DEEE Foreign National Employees
    DH Employee Standards of Conduct: Social Media
    DJ Recognition and Awards
    DK Assignment and Schedules/Return to Work Program
    DK2-R Staffing Procedures for New HS and ES
    DNA Performance Appraisal/Evaluation of T-TESS-evaluated teachers