• E - Instruction
    Procedure Procedure Title
    EF Instructional Resources
    EF (Exhibit) Instructional Resources - Parental Permission
    EF (Exhibit) Instructional Resources - Administrator Approval
    EFA Disposal of Library Material
    EFA (Exhibit) Instructional Materials
    EFB Library Media Program / Lost or Damaged Library Books
    EFD Field Trips
    EHAC Basic Instructional Program (Fine Arts)
    EHBE Special Programs / Bilingual Education - ESL
    EHDD College Coursework/Dual Credit
    EHDD (Exhibit) Drop Pre-AP/AP Course
    EI Award of Credit / Credit Recovery
    EIA Academic Achievement Grading/Progress Reports to Parents
    EIC Academic Achievement Class Ranking
    EIE Academic Achievement Retention and Promotion
    EIG Advanced Placement Incentive Program
    EJ College Visit
    EK Testing Programs
    EMG Animals in the School
    EMG (Exhibit) Animals in the School