• I-AA - Research Application Procedures

    Pflugerville ISD permits research studies initiated by external agencies and individuals as well as PISD employees. The study results should be valuable to PISD or a particular campus or department. Research topics that address issues of particular interest to the district will have a greater likelihood of approval than research that does not.

    Procedures have been established for conducting research in Pflugerville ISD.  These procedures are designed to protect student and staff time and ensure their privacy. The procedures are also designed to reduce the disruption to the education program. Studies need to be compatible with district policy, sound educational practices, and non-disruptive to the educational program. Research studies shall in no way be in conflict with open records requirements.

    Initial Contact
    Contact regarding research studies in PISD shall be initiated through the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. An application must be completed and submitted for approval. The application must include the signature of a sponsor (university faculty member, an agency staff member or PISD staff member).The application must include copies of any questionnaires, test data collection instruments to be used, and a parent and student permission letter. Parent and student permission letters should give parent and student full and knowing consent.

    Application Approval
    The completed application will be reviewed by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction and/or any other appropriate department to be judged whether the proposal should be accepted, rejected or accepted with required changes. If the research study is approved, the applicant will be notified in writing. Approval by the Department of Curriculum and Instruction does not authorize research to be conducted at specific sites. After approval from the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, specific site approval must be obtained by the campus principal.

    Requirements during the Research
    While the project is in progress the following are required:

    1. Meetings, interviews, administration of instruments, etc., need to be scheduled in advance to allow for adequate planning.
    2. Parental permission for student participation is required.
    3. Parents must be given the opportunity to view any instruments used.
    4. Students must give permission for their participation.
    5. Parents and/or students can voluntarily cease to be part of the research at any time.
    6. Research instruments must be approved by the appropriate administrator.
    7. Permission letters must be approved by the appropriate administrator.
    8. Permission letters must:
      1. be signed by the parent or guardian,
      2. dated on the date consent is given,
      3. specify the data and/or the student data records to be released,
      4. specify the reason for the data collection or release,
      5. identify the person and institution to whom the information will be released,
      6. describe the feedback that will be provided to the parents and students.
    9. The researcher may compensate or reward individuals for their participation; however, PISD staff who participates during the regular course of their duties shall not be compensated.
    10. The confidentiality of records, individuals, and schools must be observed.  Data containing names or identities must be destroyed when their use is complete.
    11. Professional conduct must be observed at all times.  Violations of procedures of professional conduct may result in the termination of the study.

    After the Study
    The PISD Department of Curriculum and Instruction will be given summaries of data collected and conclusions drawn from the research.  The researcher will provide the district’s professional library a copy of any book, journal article, dissertation, etc., written as a result of the study.

    Research Application