• II-A - Meeting the Needs of Students with Excessive Absences

    Refer to School Board Policy FDD(Legal), FDD(Local) for more information.

    A. Attendance requirements: A student shall be given credit for a class only if the student has been in attendance 90 percent of the days the class is offered, unless an attendance committee gives the student credit because there were extenuating circumstances for the absences.

    B. Absences for which the student has shown extenuating circumstances and completed routine make-up work shall be considered days of attendance for computing the required percentage of attendance.

    C. The Board has established the following as extenuating circumstances:

    • Board-approved extracurricular activity or public performance subject to limitations in FDD(Legal).
    • Required screening, diagnosis, and treatment for Medicaid-eligible students.
    • Documented health care appointment, if the student begins classes or returns to school on the same day as the appointment.
    • Temporary absence resulting from any cause acceptable to the teacher, principal, or Superintendent.
    • Juvenile Court proceeding documented by a probation officer.
    • Absence required by state or local welfare authorities.
    • Family emergency or unforeseen or unavoidable instance requiring immediate attention.
    • Approved college visitations.

    D. Students who have lost credit because of unexcused absences may regain credit by fulfilling the requirements established by the attendance committee.

    E. Students who are at risk of loosing credit due to absences because of extenuating circumstances and who have not completed the routine make-up work may regain credit by fulfilling the requirements established by the attendance committee.

    F. Attendance committee:

    • Each campus will establish an attendance committee with a minimum three members. A majority of the committee must be teachers. The remaining member(s) must come from the following: administrator, counselor, teacher.
    • Duties will be to review student attendance records and make a decision about credit, based on the attendance records. If credit is denied, the committee will determine how the student may regain credit based on choices in item G.

    G. Alternative ways for students to regain credit for unexcused absences and/or incomplete make-up work:

    • Complete additional assignments, as specified by the committee.
    • Satisfy time-on-task requirements before and/or after school.
    • Attend tutorial sessions as scheduled.
    • Attend Saturday classes.
    • Maintain the attendance standards for the rest of the semester.
    • Take an examination to earn credit in accordance with EEJA.

    H. Parent notification and appeals:

    • Parent should be notified at least two absences prior to the student being at risk of losing credit.
    • Parents and student must be informed of their right to appeal the attendance committee's decision to the Superintendent and School Board.

    Sample Warning Letter Regarding Possible Loss of Credit Due to Absences

    Dear Parent,

    This letter is to notify you that your child is at risk of losing credit due to excessive absences. State law requires a student to attend classes 90% of the days the class is offered. Missing more than 10% of the days (_________ days) the class meets may result in loss of credit. A student who is absent due to extenuating circumstances must complete routine make up work. Students who do not make up work when required or who are absent without an acceptable excuse will be required by the attendance committee to complete one or more of the following:

    • Complete additional assignments, as specified by the attendance committee;
    • Satisfy time-on-task requirements before and/or after school;
    • Attend tutorial sessions as scheduled;
    • Attend Saturday classes;
    • Maintain the attendance standards for the rest of the semester;
    • Take an examination with the EEJA.

    As of the date of this notice, your child, ________________________, has _________ absences in ______________ class(es). Absences due to extenuating circumstances require that students complete all necessary routine make-up work according to school policy.

    If the Attendance Committee decides to deny credit, the decision may be appealed to the Superintendent and then the School Board.