• PfISD Flyer Guidelines
    Pflugerville Independent School District, under policy GKDA (LOCAL), will consider requests to distribute all non-school literature and/or information intended for multiple recipients on District premises.
    • Flyers are not disseminated during the summer months. 
    • The flyer should not contain advertising logos or promotions for any business/organization other than the approved organization submitting the flyer. No fundraising/event announcements are allowed from groups outside the school, unless there is a direct educational value to students and/or school.
    • Flyer distribution requests are for a one-time distribution approval only and will be approved for distribution only one time per semester.
    • Flyers must reflect activities or programs that would interest students or be for their well-being.  Flyers with little or no educational value will not be approved.
    • If at any time it is determined that previous flyers or written materials presented for approval contained false information or did not accurately represent the intent of the program, the approval of future flyers submitted by the requesting organization will be jeopardized.
    • Please note that the final decision concerning flyer distribution and the manner in which flyers are distributed is at the district's discretion.
    Contest Information
    Before information about a contest can be made available to students, the contest must:
    • Support District curriculum, and
    • Be free to participants, and
    • Be approved by the Community Relations and Partnerships Department.
    Free or Non-Conditional Coupons: Campus administrators may accept coupons appropriate for students that offer a completely free item (no conditions of purchase) to use as academic rewards or incentives for students.  Example: Students who read 20 books during the school year will receive a coupon for a free ice cream sundae at a local restaurant.

    Discount or Conditional Coupons: The District does not allow the distribution of discount or conditional coupons to students.  Examples: 25% off admission; Save $1 on the purchase of an ice cream sundae This exclusion also applies to coupons that offer a free item or discount with the purchase of another item. (One free kid’s meal with the purchase of one adult meal; Free drink with the purchase of a sandwich.)

    Questions should be directed to Suzi Meyer at 512-594-0092.  Please allow two (2) working days for processing from the date of receipt of request.