• Pflugerville ISD Fine Arts


    Pflugerville ISD is dedicated to giving all students the opportunity to participate in a highly competitive and comprehensive fine arts extracurricular program by employing dedicated professionals and providing appropriate funding through fairly administered and conducted activities.

    Three main themes are apparent in all successful fine arts extracurricular programs: integrity, character, and honesty. We believe that extracurricular activities are a microcosm of society and that through participation in our programs, students will inherently learn life skills enabling them to be productive members of society, capable of managing time, striving to set and obtain goals, and developing an enhanced self-discipline.

    The directors/sponsors of the fine arts programs are dedicated to PfISD being recognized as a premier fine arts extracurricular program in the state of Texas. In order to obtain this extraordinary level of competence in an incredibly competitive area, each person within the extracurricular program must demand excellence of himself/herself, as well as, each individual for whom he/she is responsible.

    The directors/sponsors of the fine arts programs are firmly committed to the following general objectives, which must be present in each activity and on every level, in order to continue in the pursuit of excellence which our community has grown to expect.

    • Increasing participation in all activities
    • Including as many activities as possible to meet the needs of the students
    • Providing adequate and equitable funding for all programs
    • Affording all students the opportunity to try out/audition for all activities
    • Treating all students, parents, directors/sponsors, district employees, opponents, and community supporters with dignity and respect
    • Recruiting and hiring the best directors/sponsors possible
    • Encouraging continual development of directors/sponsors
    • Exhibiting outstanding sportsmanship in victory and defeat
    • Developing lifelong skills needed in a competitive society
    • Stressing the importance of excellence in the classroom, as well as in competition
    • Fielding competitive teams in each category
    • Providing excellent customer service