• Intra-District Transfer Requests

    Information regarding transfers from within Pflugerville ISD

    The parents of a child currently enrolled in Pflugerville Independent School District (PfISD) or a student 18 years of age or older currently enrolled in PfISD may apply for a transfer from the student’s current zoned campus to another campus by completing the online application during the transfer period. This is referred to as an Intra-District Transfer (IDT). Any requests submitted outside the transfer window will not be accepted.

    The second intra-district transfer window for 2020 will be available from July 13-24, 2020. Click here for the online application

    Notification of Decision

    Notification of the decision will be made by email no later than Aug. 7. If a correct e-mail address was not provided, notification will be sent in writing to the address provided on the application.

    Attention Non-Resident PfISD Staff

    Non-resident full time employees will submit the Out-of-District Transfer application instead of the Intra-district online transfer application.

    Student Transfer Information 

    Returning Transfer Students

    Students who transferred during the 2011-2012 school year, or later, will have to re-apply at each transition grade. This means parents of these students will have to complete a new transfer request during the following transition grades:

    5th grade (before entering 6th grade)

    8th grade (before entering 9th grade)  

    The transfer request must be made to an open campus. View a list of open campuses below.

    PfISD campuses open to transfers:

    • Connally High School
    • Hendrickson High School (open only to students in 11th and 12th grades)
    • Pflugerville High School
    • Weiss High School

    • Dessau Middle School
    • Park Crest Middle School
    • Pflugerville Middle School 
    • Westview Middle School

    • Ruth Barron Elementary
    • Caldwell Elementary
    • Copperfield Elementary
    • Dearing Elementary
    • Delco Elementary
    • Dessau Elementary
    • Highland Park Elementary
    • Northwest Elementary
    • Parmer Lane Elementary
    • River Oaks Elementary
    • Spring Hill Elementary
    • Timmerman Elementary
    • Wieland Elementary
    • Windermere Elementary


    Families Affected by 2010-11 Cohort

    All students who were transfer students in the 2010-2011 school year (10-11 Cohort), and remain transfers continuously, will be allowed to stay in the feeder pattern they transferred into through their graduation. Siblings of these transfer students will be permitted to attend the same campuses as their brother or sister. The 10-11 Cohort will not need to re-apply yearly. Siblings will not be required to re-apply after their initial application. 

    If the students in the 10-11 Cohort declares a preference to return to the feeder pattern of the home-zoned school they will no longer be part of the 10-11 Cohort. This will not impact the status of siblings.   

    Families Involved in District Programs

    Special education transfers, bilingual transfers, and certain programmatic transfers such as Pre-K, PPCD, and ASCEND are approved through their respective departments. Students who were Pre-K transfers will be required to attend Kindergarten at their zoned campus. A transfer may be requested after the student completes at least one complete grading period at their zoned campus. 

    Newly enrolled students new to PfISD must attend their zoned campus for one grading period before a transfer application may be submitted. 


    Questions and Answers about the process can be found on the district’s Website. Completion of the Application form, the approval process, accessing the information on-line, or the appeals process may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs by calling 512-594-0046. The Board Policy governing this process maybe reviewed by visiting the Pflugerville ISD website.