• Conditions for students requesting to transfer schools from within Pflugerville ISD.

    PfISD Policies and Procedures are used as the basis for approving all Intra-District Transfer (IDT) Applications.

    Open Campus Criteria 
    A student may transfer to an Open Campus (a campus where transfers will be accepted). A campus is determined to be open if the projected enrollment is less than 95% of the capacity of the campus. Other criteria that may be used on campuses that are near 95% and in high growth areas include:
    ·     In grades K-4 transfer requests will be accepted until a grade level has reached a 19:1 student to teacher ratio of projected enrollment.
    ·     In grade 5 transfer requests will be accepted until a grade level has reached a 22:1 student to teacher ratio of projected enrollment.
    ·     In grades 6-12 transfer requests will be accepted up to 2% of projected grade level enrollment.


    PfISD campuses open to transfers:

    • Connally High School
    • Hendrickson High School (open only to students in 11th and 12th grades))
    • Pflugerville High School
    • Weiss High School

    • Dessau Middle School
    • Park Crest Middle School
    • Pflugerville Middle School 
    • Westview Middle School

    • Ruth Barron Elementary
    • Caldwell Elementary
    • Copperfield Elementary
    • Dearing Elementary
    • Delco Elementary
    • Dessau Elementary
    • Highland Park Elementary
    • Northwest Elementary
    • Parmer Lane Elementary
    • River Oaks Elementary
    • Spring Hill Elementary
    • Timmerman Elementary
    • Wieland Elementary
    • Windermere Elementary


    Senior Criteria 
    A student who has earned the required credits in PfISD to be classified as a senior, may continue to attend their current school in the district regardless of the zoned attendance of residence, provided the parents were legal residents when the required credits were earned. Senior transfers may be denied or revoked for any of the reasons stated in the section “Reasons for Denying or Revoking Intra-District or Out-of-District Transfers.”
    Note: The District is not responsible for transportation of transfer students, except as provided by statute or policy.

    FDA Regulation

    Student transfer decisions will be based on factors considered as addressed through our standard definitions presented in FDA and FDB regulations. FDA and FDB regulations address all factors that school administrators will consider when making a decision to accept/deny a transfer. These factors include: 

    • space and staff availability, 
    • discipline history, and
    • attendance records.