• Applying Policy and Law

    1. Is the district required to provide a student transfer process that allows students to attend a campus other than the one to which they are zoned?
    No, but the district has chosen to offer a student transfer process.
    2. How do I find the governing policy on-line? 

    Governing policy may be located here: 

    FDA Regulation

    FDB Regulation

    Applying for Transfer Requests

    1. How do I initiate a transfer request for my child?
    Please visit www.PfISD.net to complete a transfer application.
    2. How do I initiate a new programmatic transfer for my child?
    Programmatic transfer requests will be included in the regular transfer application. Programmatic transfers will only be accepted to open campuses.   
    3. If my child is on a transfer now do I need to reapply?
    Students in the 10-11 Cohort do not need to re-apply. Students who transferred for the first time in 2011-2012, or later, are required to re-apply when they complete 5th grade and 8th grade and transition to the next level.
    Parents of students in the 10-11 Cohort must notify the district if they intend to move their student back to their home feeder pattern.  Those students in 5thgrade or 8thgrade, who continue as transfer students, must choose a middleschool or high school if they attend an elementary school or middle school that feeds two schools at the next grade level.
    4. How long must I reside in the district before applying for a transfer?
    Students new to Pflugerville ISD must attend their home campus for at least one grading period before requesting a transfer. PfISD employees are exempted from this provision. Employees may apply to a closed campus if they are employed at that campus or within the feeder pattern. 

    5. What is the process the district uses to determine whether a campus is open to accept transfers?
    Projected enrollment for the campus may not exceed the capacity of the campus. Elementary campuses will not accept transfers where projected enrollment exceeds 19:1 for grades K-4th and 22:1 for grade 5.
    6. Will my child receive transportation services if my IDT Application is approved?
    No, on an IDT Transfer, you are responsible for providing transportation for your child.
    7. May I submit more than one application per school year?
    No, only one application per child per school year will be accepted for consideration.
    8. May I request a specific Campus on the IDT?
    Yes, as long as it is an open campus.
    9. May I go to a campus on my own and request/arrange for an intra-district transfer for my child?
    No, the on-line application process negates the need to go to a campus unless you do not have access to the internet at home. The Administration Building and campuses will have a computer available for you to file an application.  Your approval or denial notice will be sent to you and the campus by the Department of Student Affairs.   
    10. I have withdrawn my child from his/her zoned campus.  I would like to re-enroll him/her in another PfISD School using an IDT Application and request a different campus.  Will my IDT Application be approved to allow him/her to attend a different PfISD School?
    No. If you have withdrawn your child from the zoned campus, you may not submit the IDT Application and request a different campus for your child.  The IDT Process is for students who are currently enrolled in Pflugerville ISD.
    11. If my child is moving up to middle or high school, but I want him/her to stay in the same feeder pattern as the elementary school he/she just completed rather than attend the zoned campus, do I need to complete an IDT Application?

    If your student is part of the 10-11 Cohort you do not have to re-apply.  You must, however, notify the Department of Student Affairs of your middle or high school selection if they are attending a campus which feeds more than one campus.
    Students at a transition year, 5th or 8th grades, must complete a new IDT application, but submitting a new application does not guarantee approval. The requested campus must be an open campus.
    12. My family will be moving into a new subdivision over the summer, but my student wants to attend the middle school in the feeder pattern of the former elementary school because friends will be going there.  Will the student be granted a transfer?
    Not necessarily.  The IDT application must be to an open campus. A new application does not guarantee approval.  
    13. May I, as a Pflugerville ISD employee, submit an IDT application for my child to attend a campus that is closer to the campus where I work?
    Yes, you may apply for a transfer to an open campus closer to the campus where you work. 
    14. As an Aramark employee or someone who holds a temporary or part-time position within PfISD (such as a substitute teacher), may I submit an application as an employee for my child to transfer?
    No, individuals employed by Aramark are not PfISD employees. If you live in PfISD you may complete an application during the regular transfer window. 
    15. How will I know when my application has been received or the status of my application?   
    Upon submission, you should receive a message that the application was successfully submitted. If we have a valid email address the parent/guardian will receive an approval or denial email.  Notification will be mailed the following week to those parents who do not provide an email address.
    16. Will my child be permitted to participate in sports if he/she is approved for an IDT to another high school?
    If your child is approved to attend another school as the result of your IDT Application, he/she may not participate in varsity level athletics for one calendar year; however, participation in JV, sophomore, or freshman level athletics is permitted.

    17. Is there a chance that one of my children could be approved for a transfer to the campus I requested and the other one be denied for the same campus?
    Yes, this could happen for a number of reasons. Please refer to the Reasons for a Denied Request section for more information. 
    18. When will I know if my IDT Application has been approved or denied? 
    An email will be sent from the Office of Student Affairs informing you of the decision no later than Aug. 7. If your application is approved, the campus will also be notified.  When registering your child at a new campus, you must bring a copy of the approval letter or email with you and complete a transfer agreement for the 20-21 school year.


    Questions and Answers about the process can be found on the district’s Website. Completion of the Application form, the approval process, accessing the information on-line, or the appeals process may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs by calling 512-594-0046. The Board Policy governing this process maybe reviewed by visiting the Pflugerville ISD website at www.pfisd.net/transfers.