• Reasons for Denying an Intra-District or Out-of-District Transfer Request

    1. The information provided on the Application form is erroneous.
    2. The requested campus is closed. 
    3. Student transfer decisions will be based on factors considered as addressed through our standard definitions presented in FDA or FDB regulations. FDA and FDB regulations address all factors that school administrators will consider when making decisions to accept or deny transfers. These factors include space and staff availability, discipline history and attendance records. 
    4. Transfers may be revoked or denied as defined in FDA and FDB regulations. 
    5. In cases where a campus exceeds its projected enrollment, it is possible some transfers will need to be revoked. In these cases the last students approved will be the first students to be moved or returned to their home campus.

    6. The student's transfer has been revoked during the previous school year. These revocations are effective for one calendar year from date of revocation. Exceptions: The campus may reconsider a student whose revocation was a direct result of building capacity concerns.