• Testing Rules and Environment

    Testing days are like no other at school.  To comply with state and local policies, we must maintain a secure testing environment at all times.  To help you understand the requirements, here are some general rules:

    • The school is considered in a "testing environment" until all tests have been collected and teachers have been instructed to release the students.  Test security procedures are in place this entire time and do not end when a student and/or room has completed testing.
    • Students may not have cell phones in their possession when we are in a testing environment, this is a TEA requirement.  Watches that function as communication devices (such as an Apple watch) have the same restrictions and rules as cell phones.  Students may leave them at home, in their locker, or with their teacher.  Violations to this policy may result in their test being invalidated as well as being subject to school discipline.
    • Students will not be released early from the testing room until the end of the four hour testing window; we want all students to have adequate time to pace themselves and not feel rushed.  Students leaving early cause disruptions to other students so please refrain from picking up your student early.  Students may read a book or sleep after the test.  Students may not complete homework, read a textbook, read an electronic book, or listen to music.
    • Students may not have head coverings while in the testing room but they should be prepared to dress in layers for the utmost comfort during testing.
    • Students may not talk with other students while we are testing.
    • Students must complete their test in four hours or less; bathroom and snack breaks are included in the four hours.
    • Due to a variety of circumstances, we may have students testing at all times during the school day.  Therefore, the campus STAAR rules remain in effect all day.
    • Visitors are not allowed in secure testing areas, including hallways or other areas where students who are testing may be located.  Therefore, no visitors will be admitted on campus throughout the STAAR testing day.


    Snack and Water procedures 

    We will allow students to bring a snack for the STAAR testing days; it is critical that parents and students know that eating a snack during the testing does not "stop the clock"; this means they will still only have four hours to complete their test.

    All snacks or water MUST adhere to these guidelines or students will not be allowed to access their snack until after the completion of all testing.

    • All snack items must collectively fit into a sandwich-sized, clear ziplock bag.  Students may write their name on the bag but no other writing can be on the bag.
    • Snacks are limited to goldfish (original) and pretzels.  These limitations are set to reduce smudges on testing documents that may interfere with scoring as well as minimize risks of allergy complications for other students in the room.
    • Water must be in a clear bottle, like bottles purchased from the store.  Reusable water bottles or containers will not be allowed.  
    • Students may bring mints, but not gum.
    • Snacks MAY NOT be placed in pockets or other bags/purses.  Snacks must be visible to testing monitors at all times.  Depending in the room configuration, students may be directed to place their snack with the teacher and not at their desk.
    • If a student becomes a distraction with their snacks or water, that student will not be allowed to access the remainder of their snacks/water until after the completion of all testing.



    The cafeteria will be providing sack lunches in lieu of hot lunches.  Students will declare the week prior to testing whether they intend to bring a lunch or purchase a sack lunch. 



    Students may wear pajama pants on the days that they are testing with a school approrpiate top (not pajamma tops).  Pajama pants must adhere to the dress in all other ways beside the fact they are pajama pants (such as: appropriate icons/images/words and appropriate coverage).

    Students may not bring blankets to the testing rooms or wear slippers at school.




    *Geometry and Algebra II students take the Math 8 because the State and Federal government require all students in grades 3-8 to take a standardized achievement test in reading and math.  There is no STAAR EOC for Geometry or Algebra II; therefore, the students enrolled in those courses take the test appropriate to their enrolled grade.