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  • PfISD CTE Logo

    Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)

    CTE learners are encouraged to participate in extended learning opportunities available on each high school campus through a Career and Technical Student Organization. Membership in one of these co-curricular organizations provides students with opportunities like

    • leadership development
    • competitive events relevant to CTE program learning
    • scholarships and awards

    The following CTSOs are supported by PfISD; contact the PfISD CTE Leadership Team for more information.

    Career Technical Student Organizations (CTSO) Programs of Study

    Business Professionals of America (BPA)


    Animation and Multimedia Arts

    Business Management

    Digital Communications  

    Financial Services  

    Marketing and Sales

    P-TECH CIT Academy

    Programming and Software Development

    Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)

    Culinary Arts

    Family and Community Services

    Health and Wellness

    P-TECH Pfuture Teacher Academy

    Teaching and Training

    Future Health Professionals (HOSA)

    Fire & EMT Academy

    Healthcare Therapeutics: CCMA, EMT


    Automotive Career Academy

    Construction Technology

    Culinary Arts

    Digital Communications

    Technology Student Association (TSA)


    Manufacturing IMPACT Academy

    P-TECH CIT Academy

    Programming and Software Development

    Texas Association of Future Educators (TAFE)

    P-TECH Pfuture Teachers Academy  

    Teaching and Training

    Texas FFA

    Animal Science

    Applied Agricultural Engineering

    Plant Science

    Texas Public Service Association (TPSA)

    Fire & EMT Academy

    More information can be found on the Texas Education Agency (TEA) Career and Technical Education Student Organizations (CTSOs) website.