• Documentation After An Absence

    When a student is absent from school, a note should be provided to document why they were absent.  There are a few types of notes: a health care professional note, a parent note, an official religious holiday note from the organization, a DFPS note, and a court appearance note.  These appointments must be for the student and not a family member.  Notes must be turned in within 3 days of the student’s return to campus.  There are 3 ways that the notes can be turned in. 

    1.    Your student can turn it in to the front office, preferably upon their return to school or the following morning. 
    2.    You can scan the note and email it to the Attendance Specialist – Lori Weseman (lori.weseman@pfisd.net)
    3.    You can fax the note to (512) 594-2205.

     Notes are stamped with the date received when turned in to the office.  If a note is turned in more than 3 days past the absence, the absence will remain unexcused but the note will be placed in the student’s folder for future reference.  Please remind your student to turn the note in before 1st period with their student ID# on the note.  Notes should NOT be given to teachers.  They will be entered within 48 hours (except on Fridays or before breaks) from when the note is turned in.

    Doctor Notes with Restrictions

    If your student returns to campus and the doctor note indicates a restriction for PE, Athletics or Kickstart, please have a copy for your student to give to the coach or Kickstart instructor, this is the best way to insure the note reaches the proper person.  Notes turned in to the front office are not always processed before your student has their class that requires the restrictions.

    Parent Notes

    If your student is going to be absent, it is good to email the Attendance Specialist, Lori Weseman (lori.weseman@pfisd.net) or call in (512-594-2238) to report your student’s absence.  If you report it this way, a written parent note is not required.  If you take the student to the doctor while they are out, their attendance record will be changed to reflect this upon receipt of the doctor note.  You are also welcome to send a note with your student when they return if the absence was not previously reported.