• Pre-Arranged Absences 

    We realize that things come up and there are situations that call for a student to be out for things other than illness but it is best to keep this at a minimum.  If you know your student will be out, it is best to fill out a pre-arranged absence form about a week prior to the absence.  Your student can pick this form up from the Attendance office in the front office.  After the parent / guardian fills out the top portion of the form, the student will be directed to have each of their teachers sign the form and get any assignments that can be given ahead of time.  The grade level principal will then sign and after that, the student will return this form to the Attendance office.  They will be given a copy so they still have the information regarding assignments.  Once this is turned in, the absence will be coded as a parent note but will also count against the student’s attendance record and final exemptions.