Re-Entry Task Force

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our schools, community, and world. Reopening school in August will be very complex due to many unknown and evolving variables. With so many unknowns, students, parents, and staff have understandable and legitimate concerns.

    In preparation for the upcoming school year and the uncertainty of what the future holds, PfISD has created a Re-Entry Task Force to consider all of the district’s options while maintaining the safety and health of our students and staff members. The task force has been working since May with the following charges:

    1. Should schools not reopen, develop a distance learning plan that ensures TEKS-aligned and rigorous instruction, progress monitoring, and intervention can occur.
    2. Should schools need to close for an extended period of time during the 2020-21 school year, develop a distance learning plan that ensures TEKS-aligned and rigorous instruction, progress monitoring, and intervention occur with minimal disruption.
    3. Establish reopening practices and guidelines that maximize physical distancing in order to manage the risk of the coronavirus infection rate with PfISD schools and buildings.

    As any decisions are made, this website will contain the recommendations to safely re-engage students and employees in the 2020-21 school year based on current constraints and considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Task Force Presentations

    June 3, 2020

    June 10, 2020

    June 24, 2020

    July 9, 2020

    July 15, 2020


    PfISD 2020 Re-Entry Task Force

    • Brandy Baker-Chief Academic and Innovation Officer
    • Trana Allen- Area Executive Director
    • Georgie Arenaz-Principal
    • Stephanie Bonnet Kramer-Pre K Coordinator
    • Deena Bosier- Assistant Director of Athletics
    • Michael Brassfield - Director of Transportation
    • Natalia Carrillo-Coordinator Of Multilingual/LOTE
    • Kameron Davis- Tech Specialist
    • Brian Dawson- Area Executive Director
    • SueAnn Decuir- Coordinator of Elementary Science
    • Melissa Dobrenel- Coordinator Secondary Math
    • Julie Freedman-Teacher
    • Holly Galloway- Director of Curriculum and Innovation
    • Troy Galow - Chief of Staff
    • Manuel Gamez- Fine Arts Director
    • Alma Gonzalez- Area Executive Director
    • Daniela Guardiola- Coordinator of Library Services
    • Becky Haluska-Teacher
    • Gema Hanson- Director of Multilingual Education
    • Autumn Hendrickson-Teacher
    • Hutcherson Hill-Executive Director of Student Services
    • Yolando Hoard- Coordinator of Elementary Math
    • Geoff Holle - Food Services Director
    • Kathryn Ives- Director of Technology Integration Services
    • Denise Kablaitis - Executive Director of Health, Safety, Emergency and Crisis Management
    • Gerald Karacz- Coordinator of RTI/Student Success
    • Zack Kleypas - Principal
    • Franchesca Mejia- Teacher
    • Michael Moak- Coordinator of Secondary Science
    • Jesus Molina- Assistant Principal
    • Morgan Oberrender- Teacher
    • Ben O'Connor-Principal
    • John O'Hare-Area Executive Director
    • Pamela Palmer - Health Services Coordinator
    • August Plock-Teacher
    • Stephen Polk- Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling
    • Shannon Pourmanafzadeh- Coordinator of Elementary ELA
    • Camille Ramirez-Longoria-Principal
    • Todd Raymond-Athletic Director
    • Deborah Reeder- Director of Special Education
    • Lesley Roberts- Instructional Coach
    • Jessica Rocha-Teacher
    • Cristobal Saldana- Assistant Principal
    • Dina Schaefer-Principal
    • Cara Schwartz- Executive Directory of Special Program
    • Marc Schwarz- Coordinator of Secondary Social Studies
    • Valeria Sosa- Coordinator of Early Literacy
    • Tamra Spence- Communications Officer
    • Aracely Suarez - Principal
    • Robert Stell - Principal
    • Melissa Thrash-Assistant Principal
    • Andre Underwood-Assistant Principal
    • Dan Walch - Transportation Operations Manager
    • Penelope Wigton-Teacher
    • Dana Wilcott- Coordinator of Parent and Family Services
    • Nancy Young - Assistant Principal
    • Susan Zademack - Teacher