Our Vision  
    To provide an inclusive environment with high quality instruction and support services that enable all students to achieve their full potential.
    Guiding Principles
    • All students are equal. Students with disabilities are not labeled by their services or qualifying condition. All students are served in general education settings to the greatest extent appropriate.
    • All students are taught appropriate grade level TEKS/standards. Instruction, supports, and services are provided to students based on research-based, best practice.
    • All staff facilitate and support instruction and learning of all students. Staff attend regular professional learning opportunities that facilitate and support quality instruction and implement such practices in their work, with regular monitoring and support from campus and district staff and administration.
    • Parents are key members of their child's team and experience proactive, collaborative communication about their student's needs, services, and progress.
    Name/Email Title Phone
    Cara Schwartz Executive Director of Special Programs 512-594-0068
    Deborah Reeder Director of Special Education 512-594-0147
    Ashley Peay Evaluation Coordinator 512-594-0168
    Chris Visness 18+ and Transition Coordinator, Cougar LC (Transportation)  512-594-0177
    Virginia Avalos High Incidence Disability Coordinator, Wolf LC 512-594-0186
    Maria Luberti Low Incidence Disability Coordinator, Hawk LC 512-594-0174
    Julie Schwarz Early Childhood Coordinator, Panther LC 512-594-0173
    Shahla Mobley Behavior Coordinator 512-594-0165
    Jennifer Phillips Speech Services Coordinator and Homeschool Services 512-594-0178
    Erin Smith Behavior Specialist, Panther LC 512-594-0863
    Leslie Mclean Behavior Specialist, Hawk 512-594-4327
    Kelsie Madison Behavior Specialist, Cougar LC 512-594-0000
    Jillian Ross Behavior Specialist, Wolf LC 512-594-2489
    Caroline Gutierrez Special Education Low Incidence Disability Specialist, Cougar LC 512-594-0869
    Bel Mata Special Education Low Incidence Disability Specialist, Wolf LC  512-594-2488
    Tammi Walker Special Education Low Incidence Disability Specialist, Hawk LC 512-594-0172
    Lauren Kerley Specialist, High Incidence Disability Cougar LC & Hawk LC  512-594-0179
    Katherine Williams Specialist, High Incidence Disability Wolf LC & Panther LC  512-594-0155
    Kameron Davis Assistive Technology Specialist 512-594-0181
    Sarah Coleman Executive Administrative Associate to Cara Schwartz 512-594-0164
    Deyanira Mercadomontalvo Senior Administrative Associate to Deborah Reeder (PEIMS, Referrals)  512-594-0169
    Jennifer O'Neil Senior Administrative Associate Assistive Technology 512-594-0180


    Pflugerville ISD Special Education Department 

    1401 W. Pecan Street
    Pflugerville, TX 78660
    Phone: 512-594-0160
    Fax: 512-594-0161
    Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM