John B. Connally Army JROTC

  • Our Connally HS JROTC program creates a mold for future leaders. The unit is one-of-a-kind in the Austin area, with the nearest Army JROTC program in operation in Harker Heights near Killeen. As an institution, our goal is to go far beyond the classroom and institute values into cadets that lead them further than high school.

    Here, cadets learn leadership skills, integrity, commitment, and more. They will accomplish things they never knew they were capable of and find a new person within themselves. We strive to ensure the success of every one of our cadets and to create a place where they can step out of their comfort zone.

    Although we offer an introduction to the military, it is important to understand that there is no obligation to enlist in the military. It is important to us that every cadet graduates from high school and attends a prestigious college or institution post-graduation. In this program, cadets will receive life lessons and a family bond that remains with them throughout their lives.


  • JROTC is a regular high school class taught during normal school hours. There is no cost to our students, and no student is under any military obligation. Developing a positive attitude about citizenship is the cornerstone of the program. Courtesy, respect, and integrity are some values we stress with students. We teach students what it takes to be a good leader and a good follower. We also offer many extracurricular activities: Academics & Leadership, Cyber Patriot, Color Guard, Drill Team, Rifle Marksmanship, Physical Fitness & Raiders, a Summer Camp, fundraising, and community service projects. Our teams compete in various local, regional, state, and national competitions. Varsity letters are awarded! 

    JROTC is a four-year program. You can enroll in JROTC in any year. Each year builds on the previous year’s curriculum. 

    No student is under any military obligation. However, we use methods and techniques of instruction to teach leadership, goal-setting, teamwork, self-discipline, self-confidence, and pride in a job well done. Cadets wear the uniform on an average of one day every week. All uniforms and equipment are provided free of charge. JROTC is an excellent choice if you are considering entering Military Service upon graduation, enrolling in ROTC at college, applying for an ROTC college scholarship, or applying for any of our U.S. Military Academies (i.e., West Point, Annapolis, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Merchant Marine Academies).


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Army JROTC Teams

  • Academic Team (JLAB)

  • Armed Drill

  • Color Guard

  • Marksmanship

  • Raider

  • Unarmed Drill