Professional Learning Information 

    Cavas training consists of three asynchronous modules.

    To get started on the training, choose to either watch a video tutorial or written step-by-step instructions.

        Remember to use your PfISD Google account to access video and written instructions.


    Here is a checklist to help guide you as you work through this week's training.

    Login Information:

    Step-by-step Guides (These guides provide steps to complete the required elements for October 13)

    Additional resources: 

    Assistance for Canvas training is available from:

    • Instructional Coachs
    • Instructional Technology Specialist 

     Training timeline:

    • September 4: Start Canvas Module 1 (approx. 45 min to complete)
    • September 9: Zoom Pop-In Support
    • September 11: Start Canvas Module 2 (approx. 45 min to complete)
    • September 16: Zoom Pop-In Support
    • September 18: Start Canvas Module 3 (approx. 45 min to complete)
    • September 23: Zoom Pop-In Support
    • September 28 - October 2: On-Demand Canvas Professional Learning
    • October 5 - October 9: On-Demand Canvas Professional Learning
    • October 13: Courses live on Canvas