PfISD COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Based on feedback, PfISD has updated its weekly COVID-19 dashboard as seen below. The new dashboard includes cumulative numbers and more information for each campus, and will be updated on Fridays, as opposed to Mondays. The data below reflects all cases since the week ending Sept. 18, as this was our first week with students learning in-person. We will notify all families and staff of positive cases on their campus via email. Parents of students who come into contact with a person with a positive case for COVID will be contacted via email, phone, and text. (Please note, our notification system only contacts the first two parents/guardians in the student information system.) Staff will receive communication from their campus administrator.

    A confirmed case is a new, reported case either by the individual or the health department. Exposure is a person who came into prolonged contact (15 minutes regardless of mask or social distance) with an infected person. The local health departments are determining guidance regarding quarantine. 

    *Please note we are only tracking cases for on-campus learners and on-campus staff. Numbers in the dashboard reflect positive cases and exposures that occurred on a campus or district facility during the 48-hour window for contact tracing.