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    December 16, 2022

    Letter from the Superintendent 

    The mission of Pflugerville ISD is to provide an inspiring, engaging, and relevant education that empowers students to reach their full potential as productive members of a diverse global community. 

    PflSD is known for being innovative and successful in our approach to student learning and student progress, and we are excited to continue that approach as we participate in the Teacher Incentive Allotment {TIA}.TheTIA is an initiative offered through HB3 designed to recruit, retain, and reward highly effective teachers, particula rly in rural and high-needs districts. 
    Pflugerville ISD students deserve the best and most dedicated teachers in Texas. We need high-performing teachers that are committed to the profession. 

    Pfluererville values collaboration, innovation, teamwork,servant-mindedness and its most important resource, its committed staff. The TIA program will support Pflugerville ISO in attracting high-quality educators from across the state, and more importantly, encourage teachers to remain in the district for the benefit of students. Pflugerville ISD believes that exceptional teaching and learning occurs through the relationships that are built by establishing trust between teacher and student, mentoring and support, and daily encouragement that leads to student success. 

    I am honored to work alongside over 1,800 Pflugerville ISDteachers who passionately serve students and positively impact lives every day. I look forward to celebrating the success of PflSD staff members as they benefit from the Teacher Incentive Allotment! 

    In the best interest of children, 

    Dr. Douglas Killian, Ph.D

    Superintendent of Schools 

    Pflugerville Independent School District 


    TIA Committee Members & Chairs
    Adelaida Olivarez: TIA Committee Co-Chair
    Willie Watson: TIA Committee Co-Chair
    Alma Gonzalez-Castillo: Observations & Calibration Co-Chair
    Holly Galloway: Student Growth & Optional Components Co-Chair
    Karen Shah: Student Growth & Optional Components Co-Chair
    Trana Allen: TIA Calculations & Designations Co-Chair



  • What is TIA?

  • How many districts in Texas are already participating in TIA?

  • When would TIA go into effect for PfISD?

  • Who is eligible for TIA?

  • What is the districts plan for the allocation of the funds?

  • How long does a TIA Designation last for a teacher?

  • Why are Specials/Electives/Coaches not included in the initial plan?

  • Will elective teachers be eligible? If so, what does that rubric look like?

  • Can Specials Teachers earn Recognized designation if they are National Board Certified?

  • What if I become a principal or AP after receiving a TIA designation?

  • Is it possible to move up from Recognized designation to a higher designation within 5 years?

  • Are other staff eligible? Instructional coaches? Administrators? etc.?

  • Can multiple teachers on my campus receive a designation? If so, is there a limit to how many?

  • How do I know how much I qualify for?

  • What happens if I leave PfISD to a district that doesn't have TIA?

  • How will administrators be trained to ensure the process is fair?

  • How soon will teachers have the list of expectations?

  • How can I be sure the system is fair in regards to assessing student growth?

  • Can we sustain this if the state stops funding it?

  • If you don’t qualify for the incentive payment, how are you informed?

  • What is the process if I do not agree with my administrator's evaluation of my performance regarding TIA?

Projected Campus Timeline

  • 2021-22 Campuses

    • Connally High School
    • Copperfield Elementary School
    • Delco Elementary School
    • Dessau Elementary School
    • Dessau Middle School
    • Northwest Leadership Academy
    • Parmer Lane Elementary School
    • River Oaks Elementary School
    • Ruth Barron Elementary School
    • Westview Middle School

    2022-23 Campuses

    • All Remaining Campuses

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Projected Teacher Categories

  • Eligible Teachers: 2021-22

    • Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade
    • Math & Reading: Grades 2-8
    • Algebra I
    • English I

    Eligible Teachers: 2022-23

    • ESCE and Prekindergarten (3-year olds and 4-year olds) Teachers

    • Kindergarten - 8th Grade Teachers

    • Algebra I Teachers

    • English I Teachers

    • Special Education Inclusion Teachers (math and/or reading/ELA)

    • Special Education Resource Teachers (math and/or reading/ELA)

    • Math Interventionists 

    • Reading Interventionists

    • Dyslexia Interventionists

Committee Members

  • Chief of Academics & Innovation
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