• Retirement from PfISD and TRS

    • Contact the Teacher Retirement System and request a retirement packet. Some forms you will complete and other forms the Payroll department will complete for you. Forward the TRS 7 form to the payroll supervisor’s attention. Include your name, social security number and retirement date.

    • Submit a resignation letter to your Supervisor.

    • Begin the exit process through the online Employee Management System. Your supervisor will complete your exit process through the same system and forward your resignation letter to the Human Resources department.

    • If you retire before the end of your service calendar, a final check may process the month following your resignation date. (Example: you retire on April 25; your final check will be May).

    • If you are retiring at the end of your service calendar:
    • 207-day calendars and under: employee’s final check is July; benefits will end July 31st. 
    • 217-day calendars and above: employee’s final check is June; benefits will end June 30th. 
    • Bi-Weekly payroll schedule: employee’s final check is June; benefits will end June 30th.