Other Information


    PfISD offers retirement programs to its employees through the use of 403(b) tax deferred annuities and 457 deferred compensation and Teachers Retirement System. These plans allow employees to save designated amounts out of their paychecks before tax and place them into a variety of mutual funds, variable annuities and fixed annuities. Any earnings grow tax deferred until withdrawn and are intended to supplement your TRS Pension Plan.



    Any change of your name and or address is done online under the Human Resource Deparment, Forms & Documents, Change of Information Form.  The information is then forwarded to Technology, Benefits and Payroll.

    To receive your W-2 tax form if you leave PfISD and move, submit a Change of Information form with the Human Resources department. Updating your address before the end of December ensures your W-2 form will arrive to the correct destination and on time.



    Employee numbers (e8#####) are given out during New Hire Orientation. If you have misplaced this number, here are a couple of options:
    • Open your Address Book within Outlook. Search for your name and your employee number is at the far column titled “Alias”; or
    • Contact Human Resources or Payroll and ask for your employee number.



    Tax Levies, Child Support, Student Loans, etc. are garnishments based on court order documents received in Payroll.  Without a written release from the court and or establishment that issued the order, these types of garnishments cannot be stopped.  If you feel there is an error, you must contact the appropriate court or establishment that issued the garnishment to revoke the order.