• Payroll Schedules

    PfISD employees are paid on an annualized salary, which is determined by your assigned work calendar either July 1 to June 30 or August 1 to July 31.


                    Employee Service Calendar: 187

                    Employee Daily Rate: $100

                    Total Annualization: $100 X 187 = $18,700 (if the employee works their full contract)

                    Service Contract: August 20XX – July 20XX

                    Monthly Payment Starting August: ($18,700 / 12) $1,558.33


    The Pay Schedules track absences and overtime worked by the pay period. Supervisors and employees will need to follow the deadlines for the following:

    • Timesheets in Time Clock Plus
    • Time off in Skyward
    • Supplemental Pay (SPR’s submission)