PfISD Teacher Incentive Allotment Plan

  • Pflugerville ISD will be implementing a Teacher Incentive Allotment Designation System in 2021-22 school year. A TIA Committee was tasked with designing and exploring the feasibility of installing a plan for the District, and its plan was recently approved by the TEA and Texas Tech University's College of Education division tasked with overseeing TIA programs.

    After months of work together and in sub-committees for various sections of the plan, PfISD's TIA Committee has created this website to provide details on the District's plan and more general background information on TIA. We invite you to explore the information provided on each icon on the PfISD TIA homepage to learn more about each area of PfISD's plan and more.

  • Overview
  • Eligible Teachers
  • Timeline
  • Allotments & Compensation
  • Observations
  • Student Growth
  • Optional Components
  • Scoring
  • Support
  • Campus Liaisons
  • Resources
  • FAQs


  • What is TIA?

  • How many districts in Texas are already participating in TIA?

  • When would TIA go into effect for PfISD?

  • Who is eligible for TIA?

  • What is the district's plan for the allocation of the funds?

  • How long does a TIA Designation last for a teacher?

  • Why are Specials/Electives/Coaches not included in the initial plan?

  • Will elective teachers be eligible? If so, what does that rubric look like?

  • Can Specials Teachers earn Recognized designation if they are National Board Certified?

  • What if I become a principal or AP after receiving a TIA designation?

  • Is it possible to move up from Recognized designation to a higher designation within 5 years?

  • Are other staff eligible? Instructional coaches? Administrators? etc.?

  • Can multiple teachers on my campus receive a designation? If so, is there a limit to how many?

  • How do I know how much I qualify for?

  • What happens if I leave PfISD to a district that doesn't have TIA?


TIA Committee Members

    • Brandy Baker: TIA Committee Co-Chair
    • Willie Watson: TIA Committee Co-Chair
    • Trana Allen: Calculations & Designations Co-Chair
    • Brian Dawson: Calculations & Designations Co-Chair
    • Alma Gonzalez: Observations Co-Chair
    • John O'Hare: Observations Co-Chair
    • Holly Galloway: Student Growth & Optional Components Co-Chair
    • Karen Shah: Student Growth & Optional. Components Co-Chair
    • Rachel Mackey: System Development & District Support Chair
    • Jeffri Orosco: Budget & Compensation Co-Chair
    • Eduardo Ramos: Budget & Compensation Co-Chair
    • David Wiechmann: Communications Chair